Sansivieria Laurenti
Sansivieria Laurenti
Sansivieria Laurenti
Sansivieria Laurenti

Sansivieria Laurenti

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Sansevieria Laurenti is a perennial plant. One of the most unpretentious indoor plants. LIGHTING: illumination does not play a special role, it tolerates bright light, partial shade and even shadow well. But be careful with direct sunlight - leaves can get burned. The western and eastern sides with windows are most suitable for planting.
TEMPERATURE: in summer the temperature should be 18-25 ° С, and in winter 14-16 ° С. The plant can tolerate a temperature drop of up to 10 ° C, but in this case, its growth will stop.
HUMIDITY: Sansevieria tolerates dry air quite well, which is inherent in our apartments, therefore it does not require spraying. It is only necessary to periodically wipe the dust from the leaves with a damp cloth.
IRRIGATION: Sansevieria does not like waterlogging of the soil, therefore watering is moderate, only after the soil has completely dried out. In summer, watering once a week, in winter, once every 21 days. Watering must be done carefully so that water does not fall into the center of the outlet, otherwise the plant may begin to rot.
LAND: Requires a well-drained soil containing expanded clay or sand, special soil for succulents may also be suitable.

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