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The Zigopetalum Orchid is unpretentious, willingly blooms if the plant is properly cared for. The flowers of this plant are very unusual, dense and fleshy, with a spicy aroma. It is not necessary to specially increase the air humidity. You can spray an orchid only in the summer heat, but make sure that drops of water do not flow into the inside of the outlets. During the period of growth of new shoots with watering, you need to be extremely careful, and it is better not to spray, in order to avoid rotting of young shoots.
Orchid Zygopetalum is suitable for the usual temperature of our windowsills 14-28 degrees. But still, zygopetalum prefers a cool temperature, so there is no need to specially heat the plant. Zygopetalum - refers to shade-tolerant orchids. Grows well on the balcony on the north side. On the windows of the south side, partial shade should be created in the summer. The more sun the zygopetalum receives, the more magnificent its bloom will be. * The flowerpot in the photo is not included in the price, but you can always order it additionally.


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