Winter collection

Основной цветок
Основной цвет
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Bouquet of red amaryllis and ilex
Bouquet of red amaryllis and ilex
Bouquet of red amaryllis
Bouquet of red amaryllis
Winter bouquet with roses and cotton
Winter bouquet with roses and cotton
Winter bouquet of roses and ranunculus
Winter bouquet of roses and ranunculus
Winter composition of roses and ranunculus
Winter composition of roses and ranunculus
Winter composition in purple tones
Winter composition in purple tones
Winter bouquet in purple tones
Winter bouquet in purple tones
Winter bouquet with Christmas balls
Winter bouquet with Christmas balls
Interior composition "Cozy Christmas"
Interior composition "Cozy Christmas"

Winter time is more associated with home comfort. In the cold period, in a special way, I want to receive the first news of spring in the form of a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers. With the help of a suitable composition, it will be possible not only to please a loved one and dear person, but also to add a little naturalness and a particle of real nature to the interior decor.

Winter bouquet - an original gift

In winter, everything falls asleep and a person, without realizing it, lacks a good mood. An original gift in the form of seasonal flowers will help to dilute the atmosphere in the room or decorate a bright celebration.

In the online store "LoraShen" buyers are waiting for beautiful winter bouquets of flowers of the original form and in attractive packaging. With their help, you will be able to cheer up, improve the atmosphere in your home or office, decorate the New Year's holiday and confess your love.

Features of winter flower arrangements

Despite the winter time, our catalog contains a large assortment of bright and memorable bouquets, which are made up of seasonal and other flowers. Thanks to reliable suppliers and greenhouse cultivation technology, in our store you can always buy winter bouquets and beautiful exotic flowers, which usually bloom in spring or in another season of the year.

The peculiarity of winter compositions is that you can add to them:

  • cones - associated with winter nature;
  • cotton branches - associated with snow;
  • spruce branches - remind of the upcoming New Year holidays;
  • dried flowers - compensate for the lack of flowers.

Bouquets with white and blue needles, with the addition of heleborus, as well as using a hat box or basket, are especially popular. Also, the most popular packaging is red or silver paper.

A bouquet of winter flowers should be sophisticated and chic. To decorate the New Year's table, you can add small Christmas toys and festive tinsel to it. For winter bouquets, it is uncharacteristic to use summer flowers.

What flowers to give in winter

In the cold period of time, it is worth making a bouquet of winter flowers from the following plants:

  • chrysanthemums - keep a fresh look in cold weather;
  • orchids are a great option for congratulations on a birthday or other holiday;
  • the Dutch rose is one of the favorites to choose as a gift for girls.

Flowers associated with winter freshness and cold are:

  • callas;
  • lilies;
  • hydrangeas;
  • chamelaciums.

It is also nice to receive primroses in winter. Give your loved ones tulips so that they feel the spring burst of energy and good mood. Such a delicate bouquet will warm the soul, even when there are frosts and gray days outside.

Winter bouquets of flowers performed by LoraShen masters

Our floristic salon offers to choose fresh flowers for winter bouquets in any color scheme. The master will make a composition of the original form with the addition of:

  • beautiful greenery;
  • sophisticated decor;
  • attractive packaging.

We offer to order a unique flower arrangement that you will not find in other stores anymore. After all, each bouquet is created on the basis of the author's idea. The compositions are not the same. They differ in color, aroma, shape and other features. Exclusive winter bouquets from our florists will surprise you with their beauty. To create them, healthy flowers are selected, which are neatly folded into a beautiful and stylish bouquet. From our assortment, you can always choose exactly the bouquet that will surprise and please your addressee as much as possible.

🎄 How to choose a winter bouquet with delivery in Kiev?

To select a bouquet with delivery, go to our catalog and send the selected product to the basket. On the new page, you will need to select the form of delivery. You can pick up a bouquet by self-delivery or arrange delivery by our courier to anywhere in Kiev.

❄️ Is it possible to give a bouquet of flowers in winter?

In winter, a different number of holidays fall, for which you should definitely give flowers. Our online store provides this opportunity for all buyers. Contact us for a selection of fresh flowers at any time of the year.

💐 What flowers are better to order for a winter bouquet?

Thanks to the technology of growing flowers in greenhouses, buyers have the opportunity to give primroses as a reminder of the imminent approach of spring. Also in winter it is customary to give roses, orchids, chrysanthemums, callas, lilies, hydrangeas and other flowers.

📲 Where to order a bouquet of fresh flowers in winter?

Floristic salon "LoraShen" offers customers to purchase fresh and healthy flowers on any winter day. Despite the winter period, our assortment contains a large number of original and beautiful bouquets that can be picked up for various holidays.