Winter plants

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Echiveria composition
Echiveria composition

In the cool winter period, there are not enough bright colors and living plants. With the arrival of cold weather, all nature falls asleep and sometimes you can find joy only if you start winter indoor plants at home. They will help to overcome the blues and allow you to go in a good mood on gray weekdays. Add more flowers to your life so that winter does not seem so boring and depressing to you. The online store "LoraShen" will help you with this, where a large assortment of indoor plants is presented, some of which are saturated with New Year's symbolism.

Winter indoor plants are the best gift for loved ones

Winter plants are a great New Year or Christmas present. Ornamental foliage plants are an excellent gift for loved ones and dear people. They can be selected not only for a woman, but also for a man. With their help, you can decorate the interior of the house and put a flower on the festive table in order to raise the festive mood.

This will be an original gift for those people who have never had houseplants. They will be delighted to accept such a gift as something new and original. In this case, you can donate a plant that you can just take care of.

Winter flowers are a good gift for housewives and women who take special care of their interior decoration. From the catalog of the online store "LoraShen" the buyer can choose:

  • evergreens;
  • bright and lush flowers;
  • indoor plants of miniature sizes;
  • plants in pots or in a decorative vase.

Our customers often buy indoor plants as a gift. Therefore, we present them in a stylish and original planter, which can be made in the form of:

  • mugs;
  • house;
  • ceramic figurine.

Such a gift, which is carefully thought out in all details, is a pleasure to give to people of any age. We offer only original gifts, wow, the unique design is strikingly different from the products that you can see on the market or in other stores.

What houseplants are the symbol of the Christmas holidays?

The main New Year's symbol is the tree. Every year it is installed for a holiday and decorated with various decorative paraphernalia. If you do not have the ability or desire to install a large Christmas tree in the house, then you can get by with a miniature copy of it. In our store you can buy a small Christmas tree with a garland and place it on the table.

The following plants can serve as an excellent replacement for such a symbol of the year:

  • cypress;
  • thuja;
  • echeveria;
  • Haworthia;
  • other.

Pay attention to the snow-covered cypress, which in its color is an evergreen plant with an imitation of crushed snow.

Another symbol is the poinsettia, or the most beautiful, the Christmas star. It has an attractive decorative appearance due to its bright red flowers. It is a symbol of Christmas, as its flowers are similar in shape to the Star of Bethlehem. It is worth considering that this plant is very whimsical to care for, and therefore it is necessary to prepare a moist substrate and a transparent stand for it. There should be no dry air in the house, as the flower loves moisture. Do not keep the plant in a draft. It must be protected from sudden temperature changes.

If you want to choose unpretentious winter flowers in pots, then give preference to such a plant as sansevieria. We sell such a plant with shiny decorative tips. It can be given even to those people who forget to water the plants in time, because it shows good drought tolerance. It is necessary to water it only as the soil dries up.

Also, to raise the New Year's mood and decorate the interior, you can choose such plants as:

  • hyacinth;
  • amaryllis;
  • cheleborus.

If you want to choose worthy winter flowers in pots on the eve of the New Year holidays, then choose the products you like from our catalog.

Benefits of choosing winter indoor flowers from LoraShen

Our online store sells exclusive products that are a good gift for any occasion. Thanks to the meticulous care of our staff, all indoor plants look fresh and healthy. They will perfectly take root in your home and will become a bright decoration of the entire interior.

If you want to purchase winter potted plants that have been grown with love and care, please contact us. We sell plants in beautiful and original pots, which makes it possible to buy at the same time a whole and harmonious composition.

Our employees will quickly deliver goods anywhere in Kiev. You can also pick up products yourself when buying in our store at 119/2 Lobanovskogo Avenue. Please contact us at any time for purchase and advice.

❄️ What houseplants grow in winter?

Thanks to the careful care of our employees and the conditions we have created, we are ready to offer buyers any houseplant. In winter, cypress, thuja, haworthia, amaryllis, hyacinth, echeveria and other plants are in great demand.

🌹 Who can give winter plants to?

There are no exceptions in this case. You can give flowers to your family member, work colleagues, friends and acquaintances with absolute courage. From the assortment of our store, you can choose both delicate plants and those for which you do not need special care.

💲 How much do winter houseplants cost?

We offer a large assortment of indoor plants in a large price range. Starting from 180 hryvnia, you can already order plants from us with their delivery across Kiev.

👛 What are the payment methods?

We offer convenient payment methods for buyers. Cash can be paid in our store or upon delivery of the order by courier. When buying online, you can pay by bank transfer. We also accept transfers via a Visa or MasterCard bank card.