Flowers in a vase

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Interior composition with phalaenopsis
Interior composition with phalaenopsis
Interior composition "Cold Sea"
Interior composition "Cold Sea"
Floral Interior composition "Astringent Wine"
Floral Interior composition "Astringent Wine"
Floral Interior composition "Autumn steppe"
Floral Interior composition "Autumn steppe"

One of the traditional solutions for decorating a home's interior is a bouquet of flowers in a vase. They look great on a kitchen table, coffee table, windowsill or furniture. A well-chosen composition of flowers and vases will create an attractive accent in the room and successfully fill the empty space. Such beauty will delight all family members and will be a good decoration for any festive table.

Bouquet in a vase from LoraShen

Thanks to the work of the “LoraShen” floristic salon, buyers have the opportunity to purchase a single composition of flowers and a vase. This is not just a selected vessel for flowers, but a whole composition, where plants are selected taking into account the shape, material and decorative design of the vase.

A bouquet in a vase allows the buyer to look at the purchase of flowers with a fresh look. On the one hand, this is an opportunity for florists to fully reveal their creative potential. On the other hand, this is an opportunity for the buyer to purchase not just flowers, but an original composition that will surprise loved ones.

Making one purchase, the customer immediately buys two gifts. Our florists in every detail are engaged in the selection of vases, so that they are harmoniously combined with the selected flowers. Strong glass or ceramics is used as a material for making a vase. Glass containers are presented in the form:

  • cylindrical vessel;
  • hemispherical product;
  • pumpkins;
  • spirals;
  • glasses;
  • ball;
  • other products.

Flowers are selected separately for each vase. This takes into account the depth and shape of the vase. If a transparent glass vase is used, then the flowers are collected in an original way so that attractive plant stems can be seen through the transparent glass.

Assortment of colors

Together with a vase, we offer to purchase beautiful and fresh flowers. It can be:

  • roses;
  • orchids;
  • carnations;
  • tulips;
  • chamomile;
  • lilies of the valley;
  • hydrangeas;
  • daffodils;
  • amaryllis;
  • eustoma.

The composition of cotton branches looks very elegant and original. If you wish, you can pick up a eucalyptus, bombastic or monster in a vase. As you can see from our catalog, not only classic, but also rare flowers are on sale, which can become a bright gift for your loved one. Hand the original flower in a vase for a birthday or any other occasion, and you will see a vivid reaction to the gift.

Artificial flowers in a vase

The advantage of artificial flowers is that they don't need water and they can last for a long time. This is a good choice for those who want to preserve the original composition for a long time and not pay any attention to caring for it. They have a natural look and cannot be distinguished from real flowers at a quick glance. For them, you do not need to create certain conditions and at the same time they are also beautiful.

Instead of artificial flowers, you can pick up dried flowers in a vase. They are also able to maintain their shape and appearance for a long time. Dried flowers will stand for a long time and will perfectly decorate your home or office interior.

The advantage of ordering bouquets in a vase from LoraShen

Here you can choose from a wide range of products. On sale are original compositions where fresh flowers are used. We offer to buy products that you will not find in other stores. Our florists create unique works based on the author's idea.

👛 How much are the bouquets in a vase?

Our catalog contains a wide range of products at different prices, starting from one and a half thousand hryvnia. At the request of the customer, florists can prepare bouquets in a vase, taking into account the available budget.

🏡 How to keep a bouquet in a vase at home longer?

In order for the flowers to delight with their beautiful appearance as long as possible, it is necessary to put them in the right place and create all the necessary conditions for a long life. The peculiarities of the conditions depend on the type of flowers. For each flower, the conditions of their maintenance in a vase will be different. It will definitely be necessary to ensure that there is always fresh and clean water in the vase. When buying, our florists will definitely tell you how to properly care for the plants so that they stand in the vase for as long as possible.

🚚 How to order a bouquet in a vase with delivery?

To order a bouquet in a vase with delivery, you can place an online application on the website or call our manager. We carry out targeted delivery by personal courier. He will deliver the products of your choice at the appointed time and place.