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Soft toy Tiger cub Aurora
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Soft toy tiger Amur
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Soft toy Tiger red

According to the eastern calendar, each new year passes under the totem of a certain animal. This tradition has come to our homes as well. Therefore, with the beginning of the arrival of the main holiday of the year, people acquire the symbol of the year in the form of souvenirs. They use it to decorate a Christmas tree or use it as a decorative item to decorate the interior.

The symbol of 2022 is the tiger

The black water tiger is replacing the white metal bull. This symbol of the year represents a strong and curious animal. At the same time, it is important to note such aspects of the tiger's character as devotion, generosity and tenderness. To be happy, interpreters of oriental truths recommend being less emotional and making informed decisions in the coming year. An attractive souvenir in the shape of a tiger, which can be purchased at the LoraShen online store, can remind you of this.

The tiger is an animal that does not like to be bored. Therefore, it is necessary to spend New Year's Eve cheerfully and joyfully. Do not forget that for a good holiday you need gifts and themed interior decoration. Make sure that there is a new symbol in the interior, which will definitely bring you happiness and success in the new year.

The best gift for family and friends is a symbol of the year 2022

We offer to purchase an original gift that will display the symbol of 2022. This could be:

  • figurines or figurines;
  • pots for indoor plants;
  • Christmas decorations;
  • Stuffed Toys;
  • various decor items.

It is customary to give small gifts for loved ones and friends for the New Year. Souvenirs and original products are perfect for this. A Christmas tree toy with a painted tiger will be a pleasant surprise. For lovers of exclusive things, it will become an additional decorative element for a Christmas tree or interior decoration. For children, you can give a toy in the form of a plush tiger. A child will gladly accept such a gift into his collection of soft toys.

The presence of the symbol of the year of the tiger in the house will bring good luck in the new year. A gift in the form of an attractive and beautifully crafted souvenir will be a great solution when visiting guests. When you celebrate the New Year, take such a souvenir in your hands and make a wish. It will certainly come true.

How to choose the right symbol for 2022

It is not always worth buying a symbol of the year only for the New Year holidays. Especially when it comes to original products that are produced in limited quantities. At any visit to a visit, you can present a gift of this plan, which, undoubtedly, will please the other person.

When choosing products with the image of a tiger, pay attention to the colors and designs. A good buy - a planter with a painted tiger along with an orchid or other houseplant. Such a functional thing will serve as a good talisman.

On New Year's Eve, you can give a Christmas tree decoration on which a tiger painted with acrylics will flaunt. Our craftsmen carry out manual work and apply original images of a tiger in classic and other colors to the spherical surface of the ball.

Handicraft is always appreciated among art lovers and art lovers. If you know such people, then be sure to present them with a Christmas ball with a beautiful and original painting from the specialists of the LoraShen company. We employ talented craftsmen who do their job well. They create unique designs, each one different from the others. It takes more than 5 hours to paint one ball. The master spends this time on a thorough study of every detail.

If you want to please your loved ones with unique gifts, in the manufacture of which the author's idea and manual labor were used, then contact our store for a choice.

Benefits of buying the 2022 symbol from LoraShen

Our online store offers a wide range of gifts. These are quality souvenirs with the symbol of the year, which are made from reliable materials. Bright and stylish gifts will please your loved ones, work colleagues or just acquaintances.

We sell exclusive products that you can choose as a successful New Year's gift. We suggest visiting our store or making a purchase with delivery anywhere in Kiev. In our store you can order a unique painting on a Christmas tree toy. Provide your model and our master will transfer it to the surface of the ball with high quality and in fine detail. Call us for detailed advice. Our managers will be happy to answer all your questions and help you make the right choice.

🐅 What will be the symbol of the year in 2022?

According to the Eastern calendar, the black water tiger is replacing the white metal bull. This is a noble and generous animal that has great strength. Souvenirs with his image will be most popular as a gift for the New Year.

🎁 Who can give a souvenir symbol of the year?

You can give a souvenir with the image of a tiger at any opportunity. It will be a sign of good and friendly tone to give such a gift to neighbors or work colleagues. Souvenirs can be presented to relatives and friends. And if the souvenir is made in the form of a soft toy, then feel free to present it to children.

💲 How much is a souvenir symbol of the year?

All products have different prices. In our catalog you will find original design products starting from 1000 hryvnia. This is an exclusive product that you will never find in any other store.

👛 What are the payment methods?

You can pay for products in cash by going to our store at 119/2 Lobanovskogo Avenue. Payment can be made via bank transfer. You can also use VISA and MasterCard bank cards to pay.