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The mourning wreath is white and red
The mourning wreath is white and red
Funeral composition in white
Funeral composition in white
Funeral composition in burgundy color
Funeral composition in burgundy color

Flowers are given not only for holidays, but also for mourning events associated with the death of a close and dear person. Sending the deceased to the other world, people make sure that his coffin and grave are decorated with beautiful flowers. On this day, it is customary to choose mourning bouquets, wreaths or baskets with fresh flowers. They are decorated with ribbons with a farewell word written on them.

Ritual floristry from LoraShen

The specialists of our company are well aware of the specifics of funeral floristry. Masters are ready to create at any time a wreath in a cemetery of various sizes with the right selection of colors:

  • red - symbolizes the memory of a deceased person;
  • white - tears and a seal for a loved one;
  • blue - symbolizes purity and purity;
  • yellow and gold - symbolizes the cycle and immortality of the soul;
  • green - the eternal continuation of life;
  • orange - symbolizes moral support.

Fresh flowers are used for production, which makes the composition rich and presentable. As a sign of respect and expression of sorrow, you can give a person a unique composition in parting, which our florists will make from freshly cut and carefully selected plants.

Flowers for a funeral

Choosing the right flowers for a funeral is essential. It is important to consider the color and type of plants. When choosing colors, you should be guided by the established rules:

  • a bouquet of flowers should be modest and strict;
  • preference is given to colors of white and dark shades;
  • bouquets are created without unnecessary decor;
  • the number of shades should not exceed three;
  • it is worth choosing bouquets without wrapping paper, but only with a binding tape.

The following types of flowers are best suited for funerals:

  • burgundy or red carnations;
  • white lilies;
  • black, yellow and scarlet roses;
  • orange chrysanthemums;
  • orchids;
  • peonies.

A small bouquet is more suitable for a funeral than a large one. Beautiful bouquets with a discreet appearance will be provided by the Lorashen company. We will create a composition for you according to your wishes without violating accepted etiquette.

Funeral wreaths

We offer to buy a wreath for a funeral in Kiev, which are made according to certain rules:

  • the composition includes no more than five different plants;
  • black is not made the main color;
  • flowers of saturated shades are added to the center of the composition;
  • greens are selected in dark shades;
  • modern wreaths rarely combine red and black as primary colors.

Ritual wreaths are made together with a special stand. It simultaneously acts as a rigid frame. It is very convenient to rest a wreath on it so that it stands steadily near the grave. Wreaths are created round or oval. Compositions of fresh flowers look very rich. They can be ordered both from one person and immediately from the whole family.

Funeral baskets

Another type of farewell decoration, which is customary to use on the day of the funeral, are mourning baskets made of fresh flowers. When choosing them, it is necessary to take into account various factors of the deceased person:

  • male;
  • age;
  • social status.

The basket uses scarlet roses when a person has died heroically. For men, a basket with dark shades of flowers is selected, and for women with lighter ones.

We offer to buy funeral baskets, which are an interlaced frame made of coniferous plants. They are complemented by fresh flowers. Finished models look aesthetically pleasing and presentable. Baskets are highly stable and do not require additional fastening.

If you want to urgently purchase a bouquet, a wreath or a basket of fresh flowers for ceremonial farewells, then contact LoraShen for help. We carry out delivery of mourning flowers to the specified address. You can concentrate on more important matters, and we will take care of the production and delivery of grave compositions. You can choose a ready-made composition from our catalog or order a model according to your personal preferences.

📲 How to order funeral flowers delivery?

As soon as the sad news has come to you, you can contact us for flower delivery. The funeral ceremony does not require delay, and therefore we act quickly and without delay. To order, you should call our manager and indicate the address for delivery of the selected composition.

Where to buy funeral flowers in Ukraine?

Funeral flowers in the right quantity can always be purchased at the LoraShen online store. You can order fresh flowers of the desired varieties and in the required shades from us. We offer bouquets, wreaths and baskets in various sizes, which are created according to established rules.

🌹 How to choose mourning flower arrangements?

When choosing compositions for funerals, it is necessary to take into account the gender, age and social status of the deceased. It is necessary to order compositions only in certain shades. A bouquet of flowers should be strict and concise. If you are in doubt about the choice, then call us for advice.

🚚 Is there a delivery for large mourning wreaths?

Large wreaths can be picked up by self-delivery or ordered to be delivered anywhere in Kiev. Our courier service has all the capabilities to deliver large mourning wreaths to the specified address in a timely manner.

💐 What flowers can be added to the bouquet at the cemetery?

Not all flowers can be selected at the cemetery. Funeral bouquets of carnations, roses, lilies, peonies or chrysanthemums are suitable for a funeral. All these flowers are always in stock in our salon, and therefore you can contact us for an order at any time.