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Ceramic box "Goldfish"
Ceramic box "Goldfish"
Suitcase Bordeaux L
Suitcase Bordeaux L
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Suitcase M
Urn "Goldfish"
Urn "Goldfish"
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Suitcase L
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Suitcase Bordeaux M
Box "Pineapple"
Box "Pineapple"

Practical and decorative jewelry boxes have always had a special value among women. It is a convenient and beautiful product that allows you to store jewelry and family heirlooms in it. For valuables, you always want to pick up unique and decorative boxes that would match in appearance what will be stored in them.

Types of boxes

On the market you can see a large assortment of boxes in the form of a practical organizer where you can place jewelry and other small items. Chests are presented in a large assortment. They can decorate:

  • beautiful carving;
  • stones;
  • beads;
  • rhinestones;
  • drawings;
  • original frame;
  • by other methods.

Box models can be a small rectangular, oval or round box. Also, boxes can be produced in the form of a book or various figures. As a rule, caskets are not made in large sizes, since they usually store small things:

  • rings;
  • earrings;
  • bracelets;
  • chains;
  • money;
  • collectible coins;
  • clock;
  • other valuable accessories and jewelry.

Boxes can be made from various materials:

  • ceramics;
  • expensive wood species;
  • porcelain;
  • metal.

Several materials can be combined in one box at once. Inside, the product can be sheathed with soft material in the form of velvet or other fabric.

How to choose a jewelry box

Before you buy a box in Kiev for a close and dear person, think carefully about the purpose of the product, and what a particular person can store there. When choosing the appearance, you need to focus on the interior of the apartment and the tastes of the person to whom the gift will be intended. The materials of the box must be strong and durable. The box should be practical and roomy. If you want the box not to be visible to you or you want children not to open it because of the expensive contents, then you can choose the option in the form of a book or a model that has a neat but secure lock.

You can separately pick up caskets for rings for the wedding. These are small products that have an original style and a presentable appearance. You can store rings in them before and after the wedding event. They are well suited as an element of decor when presenting rings to newlyweds during painting.

Watch box

Often a person takes off his watch at home and automatically puts it in different places, and then remembers for a long time where he left it. You can store expensive watches in a box. This way, the watch will always have its permanent place of storage, and you will always know where to leave it. Such models are suitable both for storing watches and for storing other jewelry.

Buy jewelry box from masters LoraShen

LoraShen offers a wide range of handmade jewelry boxes. These are premium products that are made from expensive and high-quality materials. The box for rings and other jewelry is made in such a way that the product is pleasant to hold in your hands and you can often admire it. Their presentable and rich design is worthy of storing the most expensive things. We sell high quality caskets, which can later be passed down as a family heirloom.

📲 How to order ceramic jewelry boxes?

To order, you need to choose the product you like and arrange its purchase with delivery in Kiev or sending through postal services to any city in Ukraine. This can be done through the online form on the website. You can also call us and place an order by phone through our manager.

Which box to choose for rings or watches?

If you want only rings or watches to be stored in the box, then choose round-shaped models. It should be a small box with an easy-to-open lid. When choosing, pay attention to the design of the box and choose the model that suits you best.

💎 What are the most original and exclusive jewelry boxes?

All caskets in the catalog of our online store are original products that are made in limited quantities. Each box is made by hand and is a premium product. If you want to purchase an exclusive box, then you can safely order any option that you find on our website.