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Orchid royal cascade
Orchid royal cascade
Royal orchid 3 branches
Royal orchid 3 branches
Cymbidium Ice Cascade
Cymbidium Ice Cascade
Paphiopedilum Amerikanische
Paphiopedilum Amerikanische

Recently, orchids have gained particular popularity. Many people in the house have several plants of various varieties and shades in pots. This is a beautiful and original flower that can be given as a gift for any occasion. The orchid flower is a capricious plant. However, thanks to the work of breeders, varieties appear on the market that have become easier to care for.

Buy orchids at LoraShen

LoraShen online store offers a wide range of orchids. You can buy potted orchids from us, which will have healthy leaves and different colors.

If you are looking for original products in a beautiful setting, then look at the white orchids in the Botanical vase or the royal phalaenopsis in the bowl. Mini orchids are very attractive. They differ from ordinary plants in their small stature. The mini orchid is a great option for rooms with small windows or in places with limited space.

So that the plant does not wither and grow healthy, it is necessary to provide optimal care conditions for it. Our florists recommend initially choosing the right pots, which are specially provided for such plants. A potted orchid needs the right soil. It is important that the required amount of oxygen is supplied to the roots. This is achieved through a porous and airy substrate. In this case, the pot must have ventilation holes.

Also, the correct ones are important for the plant:

  • temperature - 24 degrees;
  • watering - the intensity depends on the lighting;
  • top dressing - added during the period of active growth;
  • suitable lighting.

If you decide to buy an orchid in Kiev in the LoraShen store, then our florists will definitely tell you about all the intricacies of caring for this plant.

Types and varieties of orchids

There are many thousands of orchid varieties in the world. Each plant is unique and unrepeatable. Indoor specimens are not inferior in beauty to plants that grow in the wild.

Some of the most popular varieties are:

  • phalaenopsis;
  • wanda;
  • cattleya;
  • lelia;
  • brassia;
  • lycast;
  • cymbidium;
  • dendrobium;
  • fuchsia;
  • other.

Among themselves, the varieties differ in color, the shape of the flowers, the presence or absence of spots, the shape of the leg and other features. In our online store, you will find orchid varieties that are in great consumer demand. Also on sale you will find orchids, which are rarely found in the windows of flower shops.

Phalaenopsis orchid

We offer to buy the most popular orchid variety. Phalaenopsis or butterfly orchid is represented by about 70 species. This variety can be purchased in a wide variety of shades. This type of orchid blooms almost without interruption, which makes it very popular.

In order for the plant to grow well, the following care must be established for it:

  • shade in summer from direct sunlight;
  • watering as the roots dry;
  • fertilize with special complexes;
  • observe the temperature regime - within the range from +20 to +25 degrees.

On hot days, it is necessary to provide a good flow of air for the plant, but it should be remembered that orchids cannot stand drafts.

We recommend buying phalaenopsis for those who wish to see plants blooming on the windowsill during the cold season. This variety can bloom in different seasons of the year, but the main flowering period is in autumn and winter. Flowering provokes temperature differences. The fluctuations between day and night temperatures lead to the appearance of peduncles. The buds form within 2-3 months. Then comes the flowering period, which lasts about 6 months.

Orchid assortment at studio LoraShen

The assortment of our store includes a large selection of different varieties of orchids:

  • phalaenopsis;
  • cymbidium;
  • bicolor;
  • fuchsia;
  • brassia;
  • zygopetalum;
  • other.

Plants are presented in various colors:

  • white;
  • brown;
  • yellow;
  • violet;
  • pink;
  • orange;
  • other.

We offer to choose phalaenopsis cascade, white mini orchid, cymbidium yellow, as well as other orchids of your choice and personal preferences.

🌱 What care and watering does an orchid need?

The specific conditions for watering and caring for an orchid depend on the plant variety. It is definitely not worth leaving the plant in a draft. It must be protected from direct sunlight. The optimum temperature for orchids is + 23-24 degrees. Watering them is necessary when the root system needs moisture. The flowerpot should have loose soil, which will provide free access to oxygen to the roots.

In which pot is it better to buy an orchid?

It is worth buying an orchid in a transparent planter, which has the required number of drainage holes. A transparent planter will allow the owner to observe the condition of the roots and ensure timely watering for them. To keep the flower steady, give preference to heavy pots so that the plant does not topple over and does not fall from a height. If you want to achieve the maximum decorative effect, then instead of a plastic pot, choose glass and ceramics.

🚚 How to buy an orchid with delivery in Kiev?

We will deliver any sort of orchid that is in our online store to any point in Kiev by our courier. You only need to indicate in the online application on the website that you need delivery and indicate the exact address. You can place an order both online and by phone. If necessary, we will provide prompt delivery within a few hours.