"Art in the interior" - lecture by interior stylist Katya Carling (Stockholm) and presentation of two new LoraShen collections

"Art in the interior" - lecture by interior stylist Katya Carling (Stockholm) and presentation of two new LoraShen collections

Start on:
National Art Museum of Ukraine, st. Hrushevsky, 6
1500.00 UAH
On October 30, you can expect a lively conversation on the topic of art. Not from the point of view of art criticism, but in the format of a conversation about art, as part of our daily life, the main function of which is to please us and give us emotions!

The meeting will also be devoted to the practice of working with art in the interior. Let's talk about what "gallery wall" means, why artists don't like "interior painting" and where to buy art and how to decorate it.

Katya Carling is a designer, decorator with 20 years of experience, creative director of her own design studio MONOGRAM, member of the Swedish Union of Designers Svensk Form.

Interior stylist Katya Carling has a classical art education, so the topic "Art in the interior" simply could not fail to appear in the "Interior Stylist" lecture course. In this lecture, Katya will talk about exactly how she chooses art for the interior, what, in her opinion, should be avoided and what mistakes to avoid.

We invite you to join the circle of like-minded people to expand the creative world together with us!

The event is addressed to connoisseurs of design and art, professionals in the field of design, architecture, decor, art, and amateurs who are interested in decorating their living space on their own.

In the program:

• Lecture by interior stylist Katya Carling "Art in the interior: current trends, Scandinavian experience", at which Katya will use examples to demonstrate the principles of working with painting, graphics and decorative and applied arts in residential and commercial interiors, as well as share the Scandinavian experience of art in the interior.

• Presentation: LoraShen together with the Prymachenko Family Foundation presents a unique collection of Zodiac ZviroKroot Christmas tree decorations based on the paintings of the famous Ukrainian artist. Each ball is hand-painted by LoraShen studio craftsmen and represents one of the fabulous beasts born in the imagination of Maria Prymachenko.

• Presentation of the collection of Nordic Ivy floral ceramics, created in creative collaboration between LoraShen and designer Kata Carling (Sweden). The philosophy of the collection: the most interesting things are born at the junction of cultures - the Scandinavian Nordic spirit meets the Ukrainian flavor, the north and the south mutually complement each other at the level of aesthetics.

• Tour of the museum together with an interior stylist.

Are waiting for you! Hurry up to buy a ticket, the number of participants is limited.