What flowers to give for Valentine's Day


In our culture, for many years, Valentine's Day has been celebrated in mid-February. This holiday is filled with the feeling of love and the tradition of giving each other romantic gifts. Often, flowers serve as gifts on this occasion. However, since it is a day for all lovers, the flowers for this date should be special.

People should prefer flowers that symbolize:

  • love;
  • passion;
  • tenderness;
  • care;
  • loyalty.

If you don't know what flowers to give on Valentine's Day, you can turn to the "LoraShen" florist salon. We have qualified specialists who will select a bouquet for you specifically for this holiday. It can be a ready-made composition that you will see in the showcase or an original bouquet that will be made taking into account all your wishes.

Popular flowers for Valentine's Day

The answer to the question of what flowers to give on Valentine's Day is quite obvious. First of all, you should give flowers that symbolize love, care, devotion, and admiration for another person.

Based on this, you can give roses to your loved one. Plants with red buds symbolize passionate love and tender feelings. With them, you can not only please your significant other but also confess your secret feelings. It is worth noting that roses are the most beloved flowers for women, so the choice in this case is quite obvious.

In our florist salon, you can order a small bouquet of 7, 9, or 11 roses, as well as a voluminous composition of 25, 51, or 101 roses. You can choose roses with different shades of buds and different stem heights.

If you want to give other flowers on Valentine's Day, you can pay attention to the following plants:

  • Gerberas. Symbolize cheerfulness and innocence and will be the best option for a touching compliment.
  • Eustoma. With this bouquet, you can express your passion and love with the most tender feelings.
  • Irises. Symbolize tenderness and vulnerability, so they will help you express your secret feelings.
  • Chrysanthemums. Often on the holiday of all lovers, chrysanthemums are given, as they symbolize eternity and pure love.
  • Peonies. They make voluminous and airy bouquets, and the flower itself symbolizes attachment and mutual love.
  • Tulips. Beloved by everyone, these early flowers symbolize sympathy for another person and sincere love.

Choosing any flowers in our florist salon, the florist will take care to create an original and attractive composition, which, at the buyer's request, will be decorated with various decorative elements.

How many flowers to give on February 14th

In this case, there is no specific rule for how many flowers should be in a bouquet. Each person relies on their budget and preferences. The main thing is that the bouquet has an odd number of plants. At your discretion, you can choose a flower arrangement that includes 3, 7, 9, 11, or any other number of flowers. The professionalism of our florists allows even with one flower to make a beautiful and complete gift that will be perfect for a girl with whom you have just started building a relationship.

How much do flowers cost on February 14th

Some people assume that flower shops intentionally raise prices in anticipation of this holiday. However, it should be noted that Valentine's Day falls during the winter, when flowers themselves are grown in a greenhouse or imported from other countries. That is, it requires more costs to grow flowers, and accordingly, the cost of flower arrangements increases.

The price of a bouquet that you can see in our physical salon primarily depends on:

  • the type of flowers;
  • the number of plants in the bouquet;
  • the use of decorative materials;
  • the time the florist spends preparing the original composition.

Flowers themselves have different prices. The most expensive plant will be an orchid. Alstroemerias and anthuriums will cost a person a little less. Roses, tulips, carnations, and other flowers familiar to our region are always available to buyers.

If on Valentine's Day you want to give an original bouquet that will make an indelible impression on your girlfriend or spouse, you can seek help from our florist salon. We have qualified employees who will help you choose from the wide range exactly the bouquet that will meet all your requirements.