What flowers are given on September 1?


Traditionally, on Knowledge Day on September 1, students carry flowers in their hands for teachers. This tradition is especially important for a first-grader who is just entering the road of knowledge. It is worth considering that the bouquet for the teacher is selected in accordance with the age of the student. After all, for a first grader it will be one bouquet, and for a future graduate it will be a completely different composition. Small children will not be comfortable carrying large and voluminous bouquets. In this case, it is better to purchase a composition of up to 25 plants in a bouquet with short stems.

It is better for a high school student not to buy miniature bouquets, but to choose a lush composition that will play with all the riot of colors. On this day, it is not recommended to buy very large bouquets so that it is not perceived, so that your child becomes a pet and has a special attitude towards him.

A bouquet for a teacher should be discreet and without pretentious decor. In children's hands, exotic bouquets will not look quite appropriate, and therefore it is necessary to give preference to traditional flowers. It is imperative that the flowers are freshly cut and it is convenient to take care of the bouquet itself. Indeed, on this day, the teacher can receive a lot of bouquets, and if your composition quickly withers, then they will not take it home, but it will remain in the classroom. On this day, there is a shortage of vases and not all bouquets will be able to get the necessary moisture. Therefore, before you carry them to school, be sure to make sure that they are infused in water.

How to choose a bouquet for a class teacher

At the individual request, flowers for the teacher can be given to your own taste. To make the best choice, pay attention to the age of the teacher. For a young teacher, the best fit:

  • alstromerias;
  • lilies;
  • lisanthus;
  • hydrangeas;
  • eustoma;
  • Kenyan roses.

Senior leaders can give:

  • chrysanthemums;
  • irises;
  • peonies;
  • cloves;
  • Ecuadorian roses.

However, often parents get together and buy one common bouquet for the teacher. In this case, the composition should look expensive and luxurious. An original solution could be a bouquet of flowers in a hat box or basket. Preference should be given to colors with neutral shades:

  • lilac;
  • yellow;
  • crimson.

Presenting a bouquet on September 1 for a class teacher can be considered a small official event. Therefore, it is worth excluding the fact that your bouquet will consist of pink, white or red buds. Best of all, these shades are suitable for a romantic date. However, they are allowed to be present in mixes where many shades are collected.

Selection of bouquets for elementary school teachers

It is very important to choose a concise and correct bouquet for a primary school teacher. This gives parents the opportunity to make a good first impression and start a pleasant relationship.

In this case, for a child, you can order a bouquet with flowers that will carry a certain symbolism:

  • gerberas or dahlias - denote happiness, comfort and prosperity;
  • chrysanthemums or asters - symbolize the courage and positive energy that the teacher will definitely receive from the flowers presented to him;
  • daisies are a traditional and delicate flower that is great for young teachers.

Giving flowers that carry a certain symbolism is better for those teachers whom you know well. If your child goes to first grade with a teacher you don't know, then it's better to give a traditional bouquet or ask teachers you know about the tastes and preferences of the teacher who will teach your child. This is very important in cases where the teacher is allergic to certain smells of flowers.

What flowers to give a high school teacher?

Many parents don't buy flowers for their children when they are in high school. However, it will always be a pleasure for a teacher to receive a bouquet from his students on September 1st. If you or your child wants to please the high school teacher, then in the flower market you can find a large variety of bouquets made up of many different plants.

If you find it difficult to make a choice, then pay attention to the following flowers:

  • iris - great for creative people;
  • tulips - bring joy and are well suited for young teachers;
  • alstroemeria - act as a symbol of good luck and personifies femininity;
  • eustoma is a good option for a teacher, as in some cultures they symbolize wisdom.

If you want to present a bouquet of flowers for a science teacher, then make sure that the bouquets consist of burgundy and red carnations or roses. Teachers who teach the humanities can be given a composition with pastel colors. Do not forget that on September 1, you can give a high school teacher not only a bouquet of flowers, but also add a chocolate bar, a box of chocolates or any other symbolic gift to it, which will not look too biased.

Male teacher: is it worth giving a bouquet?

The myth that men should not be given flowers has long been debunked. Especially when it comes to a teacher. For a male teacher, this is quite appropriate and correct. The only thing is that in this case, the choice of a bouquet needs to be approached more carefully. After all, a bouquet for a male teacher should be a strict and concise form. If for a woman you can give almost any bouquet, then the composition for a man is made according to certain rules and not all flowers should be included in it.

Florists are well aware that bouquets for men are created from elongated and elongated flowers. Therefore, very often they include gladioli in the flower arrangement. This is one of the best options for September 1, since it is in this season of the year that gladioli begin to bloom.

When choosing colors, give preference to shades such as:

  • violet;
  • orange;
  • burgundy.

An excellent bouquet option for a male teacher will also be a composition with large roses or gerberas, which will be complemented by green and juicy greens.

Parents should take note that September 1 is a holiday not only for teachers, but also for the children themselves. When your child goes to school dressed up, he will have joyful and festive feelings in his soul. And the very moment of transferring a bouquet of flowers to the teacher's hands brings additional festive emotions to the child. Therefore, when you collect your child for school on September 1, do not forget to prepare a bouquet suitable for this occasion for him.

If you are not quite sure which bouquet to choose for the teacher and your child, then contact our florist LoraShen for help. We have experienced florists who know well what flowers are best to give on September 1st.