Florists' recommendations for choosing fresh roses


Buying flowers can end up in the house for only a couple of days and then immediately wither. This happens if, when ordering, the buyer does not pay attention to some points, but looks only at the appearance of the bouquet. If the flowers are not fresh, then their appearance will quickly lose their attractiveness. This primarily applies to roses, the buds of which can quickly wither when purchased. If you want to buy fresh roses, it is a must to inspect them before buying.

How to choose the right roses for a bouquet

Experienced florists know well which flowers to take to create a fresh and high-quality bouquet. However, when buying from the market, sellers often defy the rules in order to sell plants they cannot financially throw away.

A buyer who wants to buy fresh roses should keep this in mind. Therefore, when choosing, he needs to examine all the flowers from the tips of the stems to the top of the buds. Pay attention to things like:

  • cut;
  • stem;
  • petals;
  • buds;
  • aroma.

Very often, flowers that are devoid of fragrance are on sale. This means that they were kept in special solutions and it is possible that as soon as you bring them from the street into an apartment with room temperature, they will immediately begin to dry out. Bouquets of roses are decorated with wrapping paper, and therefore, when buying them, it is difficult to accurately determine the condition of the flowers. Therefore, ask the sellers to fold the bouquet in front of you. So you will have the opportunity to inspect the flowers.

How do you know if a rose is fresh?

First of all, you need to pay attention to the cut. It should not have darkened edges or have a dried tip. Mucus may also form at the tip, the presence of which will indicate that the flowers are not fresh.

How to choose a rose if the flowers are in a hatbox or basket. In this case, look at the stems. They should not have dots. The stems should have a rich color. The presence of cracks or breaks indicates that such colors should be discarded.

When examining the leaves, pay attention to the fact that they should not have:

  • spots;
  • twisted ends;
  • color changes.

Fresh petals are filled with moisture. When they are lightly crushed, they will quickly return to their shape. If the leaves have small holes, then this indicates that they were made by insects. The petals dry out first, compared to the buds. So pay attention to them first.

If you do not know how to determine the freshness of a rose in a bouquet where the stems and leaves are hidden, then look at the buds. Choose bouquets that have the fewest fully open plants. Buds should be half open. If they are completely dissolved, then such flowers will quickly dry out.

Rosebuds should be both dense and not too hard. On the stem, it should stay straight. If it tends to go down, then this is the first sign that it is beginning to fade.

How to keep roses fresh

It is not enough to purchase a bouquet of roses with fresh plants. Even if you know how to choose roses when buying, you need to keep them fresh in room conditions. If this is not done, then even freshly cut flowers can become unpresentable ahead of time.

To prolong the beauty of a bouquet of roses, it is worth using various dressings. You need to pay attention to the purity of the water and the location of the bouquet of flowers. Top dressing can be bought at the store or do it yourself. Most often, they use specialized Chrysal or Floralife feeds, which are added to clean water.

As improvised means for this you can use:

  • aspirin;
  • sugar;
  • a mixture of vinegar and sugar;
  • alum.

Roses need proper care. When a bouquet from the street enters the house, it needs to stand in paper so that the plants can adapt to room temperature. If you do not know how to keep rose petals fresh for a long time, you should, after acclimatizing the plants, lower them with stems into the water for several hours. At the same time, water should not fall on the buds.

The stems of roses are cut at an angle so that they only rest with their tip against the bottom of the vase, they have full access to water. Roses must be placed in cold filtered water, the water in the vase should be more than half. It needs to be changed every day. Plants feel comfortable in clean and fresh water. The water must be cold.

Also consider the following nuances:

  • it is advisable to choose a ceramic vase or a product made of tinted glass;
  • the water in the vase should cover the plants by two-thirds;
  • protect flowers from drafts and direct sunlight;
  • do not leave the bouquet near appliances that emit heat;
  • make sure that there is no tobacco smoke in the house;
  • spray the edges of the petals if possible;
  • cut off dried leaves.

Follow these simple rules and your bouquet will delight you for at least two weeks.

Tips for Buying Fresh Roses Online

If you are in doubt about how to choose the right roses over the Internet, then you should only contact florist shops that value their reputation. Arrange bouquets in the LoraShen flower studio and you can be sure that a fresh and beautiful bouquet of roses will be delivered to you.

How to keep a fresh bouquet of roses?

For the freshness of the bouquet, you need to pick up fresh, filtered, cold water and change it daily. It is worth putting flowers in a vase immediately after the plants have entered the house. You should first refresh the cut of the stem, and if you brought flowers in the cold season, you need to give the flowers time to acclimatize. To do this, do not immediately remove the packaging film or paper, you need the flowers to warm up to room temperature. It is necessary to collect cold running or filtered water in a vase so that it covers the stems by two-thirds. Roses must be placed away from drafts and household appliances that generate heat.

How to keep roses fresh for a long time?

To keep the freshness of a bouquet of roses for a long time, you need to use top dressing. It can be purchased ready-made in the store or made from improvised means yourself. Sugar, a mixture of sugar and vinegar, aspirin can be used as top dressing. Top dressing will nourish the plants, and also protect them from the effects of microorganisms.

What should fresh roses look like?

Fresh roses should have a clean cut with no signs of drying. The flowers should give off a pleasant fragrance. The stems should be full and free of cracks or other defects. The leaves should have a uniform color. They should not have holes or yellow spots. During their twisting, they should easily return to their former shape. Flower buds should point straight up. They should have both a soft and dense structure. In a bouquet, fresh plants are selected with half-blown buds.

Where can I order a bouquet of fresh roses?

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Where to buy fresh roses with delivery in Kiev?

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