Chronicles of our quarantine. Second week


Last week it became known that quarantine in Ukraine was extended until April 24. We are adapting to new conditions, trying to bring floral joy and hugs to the people you care about.

We tell you how we lived during the second week of quarantine and what happened in the world floristry.

1. We work, we don’t get sick.
2. We stocked up on antiseptic for a week, now it’s a quest to find masks. The pricing of masks is completely abnormal.
3. Due to the quarantine, we now have a lot of additional unplanned expenses; the state cannot regulate pricing for many important things that were created for safety during a pandemic. So, this falls on the shoulders of entrepreneurs who have decided to continue working.

4. On the good side: flowers have become cheaper, we will keep free delivery for you until the end of quarantine, we accept orders online:

5. Flowers lift the spirit! Florists in the Netherlands, on a huge site measuring 50 by 80 meters on the territory of the world's largest flower auction, created a stunning floral installation #letthehopebloom, observing all safety measures. Look how beautiful it is in the video.

6. Renovations in the studio have begun. The studio will open in a completely new format.
7. We are preparing an interesting proposal for potted plants and flowering plants for balconies and terraces. You can view the collection in our online store.

8. In the coming week we are putting together an Easter collection, taking into account the “remote” circumstances and that we will all have to celebrate Easter in isolation. But this is not a reason to completely abandon the holidays, right?

9. We launched a new promotion with our friends - the Ukrainian brand of handmade chocolate Spell. 20% off all chocolates and chocolates - the perfect sweet complement to flowers!

Virtual hugs to everyone!