Chronicles of our quarantine. Third week


How was our third week of quarantine at LoraShen?

We tell the chronicles of seven more days in isolation.

1. April did happen to us. And the sun, and the fresh wind, and the day is getting longer. We hope you noticed this too and no matter what, life becomes easier.

2. On Friday, April 3, a real holiday came to us. We have received a delivery of flowers from Holland!!! Our Larisa Shen (founder of LoraShen, if anyone doesn’t remember/doesn’t know) commented on this situation like this: “In my 25 years in flowers, I don’t remember such a disruption in the assortment. Of course, I didn’t see the Soviet era, when there was a red carnation and a red tulip with an elastic band, but already in ’95 and beyond, weekly deliveries were available from Holland and Ecuador.”

3. We still have free delivery throughout Kyiv. We promise to maintain this service until the end of quarantine.

4. Easter collection of decor and floristry is already in the online store. We invite you to celebrate the most family holiday of the year beautifully at home!

5. On Fridays we have a traditional special offer for you - flowers for the home. Flowers and greenery in an elegant vase - Friday April 3rd offer. We encourage you to enjoy simplicity and minimalism. We compensate for the lack of assortment with cool vases (we collected everything we have here:

6. Quarantine is being tightened. The Cabinet of Ministers strongly recommends that everyone wear masks without fail. Doctors say that temperatures below 15 degrees are harmful due to condensation. Who to believe? A complete mess. As Western media comment: "So, we went real fast from "masks don't work for asymptomatic non health professionals" to "you're practically Hitler if you're not wearing one!"

How are you doing?

Virtual hugs to everyone!