Chronicles of our quarantine. First week


Friends, we are introducing a new section “Chronicles of our quarantine”.

Every day on our Facebook page we tell you everything that is happening in our studio and in our production, as well as about how the floristry industry is living in the world in these difficult times. In our blog we collect all the most important things that happened this week.

So, week one:

1. We work online. We accept all orders through the online store or Call/Viber: 067 247 7971.

2. Delivery is free during quarantine. Let us remind you that we have our own courier delivery service.

3. We organized transportation for our employees (whose work does not allow them to work remotely) for the quarantine period. They don't use public transport.
4. We strictly adhere to quarantine rules: all florists, call centers and couriers wear masks and gloves, we constantly disinfect surfaces, and transport all bouquets in special transported paper.

5. On March 16, 50% of the flowers were thrown away at an auction in Holland. You can watch a video of how it happened here.
6. Flowers from local producers have fallen in price by half. So it's time to please your loved ones with an armful of 101 roses!

7. Time to create new traditions - with this slogan we are launching a special Friday offer, which consists of an interior bouquet + candles, flower pots or plants. Making your home cozy when you are in it 24/7 is our common task.

8. Our production department carries out repairs, improves warehouse storage, and makes furniture for our stores.
9. The landscaping department continues to maintain our clients' green properties. Antiseptics, masks and gloves - everything is always with them!
10. The entire back office works remotely.

11. Tax “relief” from the state passed us by. It affected mainly self-employed individual entrepreneurs and large businesses; everything here is the same as before quarantine.
12. We launched a flash mob on Instagram. Post your favorite photos with flowers in your stories with the tag #stayhomeflowers and tag @lorashen_studio, and we will share your photos in our stories. Let the first weekend of quarantine be very floral!

Virtual hugs to everyone!