Chronicles of our quarantine. How was our fifth week?


Every week we tell you how and what the flower business is doing in Ukraine and in the world during quarantine. Fifth week.

1. Easter in 2020 was held in a new online format. But traditions are still strong for Ukrainians, so despite quarantine measures, we saw demand for an Easter collection of ceramics, hand-painted eggs and flower arrangements for the festive table.

2. Every day we work, making dozens of bouquets and deliveries. We see that in these difficult times you want to please your loved ones. We are glad that a new tradition has emerged - buying flowers and bouquets for the home. Time to create a new reality!

3. In the fifth week of quarantine, it seems that we have already begun to get used to it. But we understand that now is not the time to relax! Therefore, despite our habit, we are strengthening quarantine hygiene measures. Antiseptics, masks, gloves - our employees use them without fail.
4. We now have a collection of "Microgreens". Now it is especially important to fill yourself with creative energy. Watching seedlings of radishes, peas, and onions grow is a special pleasure in life! Try it! Prices from 120 UAH.

5. Flower deliveries from Holland have resumed. Phew! Once again we can boast a selection of fresh, stunning flowers that you and we both love!

6. Nowadays I especially want my home to be cozy and comfortable, so we are finally paying attention to our new products - green plants in medium sizes. Revive the space of your apartment or house:

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Virtual hugs to everyone!