How to choose a vase for flowers


With the help of flowers, you can not only convey emotions to another person but also decorate the interior of a room. For this, the bouquet needs to be placed in a vase with water. However, if you place certain flowers in an unsuitable container, you can ruin the elegance and sophistication of the composition. And if you do it right, the vase will emphasize the natural beauty and concise structure of the bouquet. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to choose a vase for flowers so that the aesthetic sense of the bouquet is felt in the interior.

Types of Vases

Today, on the market, you can see a large number of various vases that differ in:

  • shape;
  • size;
  • design;
  • material of manufacture;
  • other parameters.

According to florists, the best option you can buy for flowers are products of the following shapes:

  1. Columns. A suitable option for plants with long stems. This is the optimal choice for amaryllis, lilies, roses, and various decorative branches. Thanks to the elongated shape of the vase, it will support the plants well, emphasizing their length.
  2. Hourglasses. A model that has a wide bottom, a narrow middle, and a slightly open neck. A good option for low plants like tulips, hydrangeas, eustomas, and peonies. From an aesthetic and practical point of view, this can be considered a classic.
  3. Round bowls. Very compact for arranging wildflowers and early blooms. For the composition to look concise in such a vase, only buds should peek above the neck.
  4. Rectangular. In such vases, plants feel free and do not interfere with each other. Due to the large volume, large bouquets can be accommodated in them.

If you bought or were given a single flower, you can use a decorative jar or bottle for it.

When choosing the shape of the vase, you should understand that the flowers in it should feel spacious, not overflow its edges, and not sink in it.

Choosing a Vase by Material

If you are thinking about how to choose a vase for flowers based on the material of manufacture, it is best to prefer ceramics. The advantage of this material is as follows:

  • holds moisture well;
  • allows air to pass through;
  • attractive design;
  • capable of maintaining the freshness of flowers.

Another important advantage of ceramic vases is that they are opaque unlike glass products. This allows you to hide the stems and cloudy water, which will add more beauty and aesthetics to the composition. Moreover, direct sunlight will not pass through such walls, which directly affects the increase in the number of pathogenic bacteria in the water.

The only exception can be considered crystal vases, as they have facets through which sunlight passes. They start to shimmer, refreshing the composition and making it more vivid. Even the most unremarkable bouquet placed in a crystal vase will acquire a completely new look. You can also choose a porcelain vase, which is considered one of the best options for any flowers.

How to Properly Arrange Flowers in a Vase

In order for flowers to look concise and beautiful in a vase, it is not enough just to choose the optimal shape and design of the product. It is also important to correctly place the flowers together with the greenery. If you were given a bouquet of flowers, which is additionally decorated with greenery, then it should be placed around the perimeter of the bowl in such a way that the stems are crisscrossed. Thus, the greenery will act as a reliable support for the flowers. At the bottom of the entire composition, there should be buds of large sizes, and small buds should be slightly higher.

If you have been given flowers with tall stems, but you only have a small vase at home, you can simply trim them. If you have a vase at home that is 30 cm tall, then the stems should be cut so that the overall height of the flowers is 50 cm.

If you are often given or regularly buy flowers, you need to have vases of small, medium, and large sizes at home. When choosing flowers for your interior, make sure that the shade of the buds matches the color of the vase. If you are choosing a vase for yourself and want it to be universal and suitable for a large number of flowers, you can pay attention to models that have the following shades:

  • green;
  • black;
  • brown;
  • white.

With such shades in your home, most of the flowers you give will look good in the vase. If you give flowers to someone yourself and know that the person does not have a vase, you can make a good gift and present a flower arrangement with a decorative container. This is very practical, especially when flowers are given at work and it is difficult to immediately find a suitable container.