How many flowers can you give


Floristry is a delicate art in which every little thing matters. Such a detail as the number of flowers in a bouquet plays an important role in the preparation of a flower arrangement. How many flowers can you give so as not to disappoint with a gift? The answer to this question depends on the occasion for which flowers are given. On a minor occasion or not for close people, as a rule, bouquets are presented with a minimum number of plants. In some cases, the number of flowers is selected for a specific date or event.

How many flowers should be in a bouquet

The answer to the question of how many flowers can be given may lie within the framework of numerical symbolism. In this case, the number of flowers will lay a certain meaning in the bouquet:

  • one is interest or a compliment;
  • three - respect;
  • five - love;
  • seven - devotion;
  • nine - adoration;
  • eleven is a symbol of unity of hearts;
  • fifteen - apologies;
  • seventeen - well-being and a wish for happiness.

A bouquet of 13 or 19 flowers can be given for various anniversaries and weddings, as well as round dates and birthdays. A bouquet of flowers with more than 21 plants is given to very close people.

The number of flowers in a bouquet can also be determined by the type of plant. If you want to give a bouquet with flowers whose buds are very lush and the stems themselves are large, then there will be a small number of plants in such a bouquet. Indeed, due to their large size, a few flowers are enough to make a lush and rich bouquet from them. If you pick up a lot of flowers in such a composition, then the bouquet itself will become too voluminous, heavy and inconvenient for delivery. Flowers with large buds can also be given individually. This is done with colors such as:

  • sunflowers;
  • hydrangeas;
  • roses;
  • gerberas.

Yes, you can give an unfamiliar person a bouquet in which there will be only 3-5 flowers. For splendor and decor, such a bouquet can be additionally decorated with greenery. The number of flowers in a bouquet can also be determined by the financial capabilities of a person. If you cannot afford to buy a bouquet with a large number of flowers, this does not mean that you have no other choice. You must remember that there are no clear rules that indicate how many flowers can be given. These are just guidelines that you can follow when choosing a bouquet.

How much to give a loved one

Guys often don't know how many flowers to give to impress a girl. You can make your beloved girl pleasant even with the help of one rose. After all, the gift itself is not always important, but attention is more appreciated.

However, if you are really interested in a long-term relationship and love your girlfriend, then when choosing, you should pay attention to lush and voluminous bouquets with a lot of flowers.

As a rule, one flower is given on a first date or at a time when a relationship is just being established between young people. It can also be given as a pleasant compliment or as a sign of light flirting. If you want to please a girl for no reason, you can give her a bouquet with five flowers. If you are fascinated by a girl and want to express it, then you can purchase a bouquet of seven flowers. Bouquets with a quantity of flowers starting from 15 pieces will express your deep feelings and devotion. At the moment of a declaration of love or a marriage proposal, you should pay attention to bouquets with the number of flowers 51 or 101 Buds.

The classic option is a bouquet of 25 pieces. This is the golden mean for those who love their soul mate very much and want to give her a nice and spectacular birthday present or just to cheer up. From such a present, the girl will definitely remain satisfied, and the guy, in turn, will look gallant and courteous.

How many flowers to give mom, grandmother

Mom is always pleased to receive flowers as a gift from her children, and grandmothers from their grandchildren. In this case, there is no urgent need to give bouquets with a large number of flowers. A flower arrangement with the number of flowers in the range of 7-11 pieces will be quite enough to make a presentable and concise bouquet out of them, giving it with love to your loved one. Small bouquets of 3-5 flowers will look very poor in this case. And bouquets of 15 or more flowers should be given for an anniversary or for some special occasion.

First of all, attention is important for mothers and grandmothers, and therefore bouquets with the number of flowers of 7-11 pieces, which will be folded by a professional florist, are quite enough to please your loved ones.

How much to give to a friend, colleague?

For a friend or work colleague, you can give a juicy and bright bouquet of flowers such as:

  • callas;
  • lilies;
  • roses;
  • gerberas;
  • hydrangeas;
  • tulips.

It can be flowers with delicate and pastel colors. As a rule, for work colleagues and girlfriends they give bouquets with the number of flowers within 9 pieces. If you have only recently worked with an employee, then a bouquet of three flowers will be enough. Such bouquets are given as a token of gratitude and when expressing professional respect. For an anniversary or birthday, you should choose a bouquet, including 11-15 flowers in it. Such bouquets will look magnificent and presentable.

Why not give an even number of flowers

In connection with cultural traditions, it is customary to buy bouquets with an even number of flowers for mourning days or funerals. The thing is that in Slavic traditions it was believed that an even number is associated with the completion of the cycle, and odd numbers symbolize life expectancy and infinity. Also, even numbers symbolize peace and symmetry. Therefore, bouquets of two, four, six or eight flowers are placed on the graves of dead people.

If, when choosing a bouquet of flowers, you can ignore some recommendations of florists, then giving bouquets of flowers with an even number of plants for a holiday or your girlfriend will be a sign of bad taste. To choose a suitable bouquet with the required number of flowers and not make a mistake in this for your particular case, you can contact the specialists of the LoraShen floristic salon.