Gifts for friends for the New Year


New Year's gifts are given to the closest people. At the same time, do not forget about your best friends. This is the category of people for whom choosing a gift is the easiest. Even if you choose the wrong gift, a true friend will never be offended. However, despite this, you need to think carefully about what to give to friends for the New Year to please them. It's also essential to consider that your friends will be giving you gifts too. So, to avoid embarrassment, you should understand that your gift should be no worse than the one from your friend.

New Year-themed Gifts

You may have many friends, and it might be challenging to buy expensive gifts for each one. Therefore, it is preferable to give affordable items to friends. Among such items are those with New Year symbols. New Year gifts for friends of this kind are classic, and you can buy them in large quantities to congratulate all your friends on the upcoming holidays. A New Year-themed gift can be in the form of:

  • a notebook;
  • a mug;
  • a calendar;
  • a music box;
  • a figurine;
  • a Christmas balls;
  • a decorative item;
  • a fridge magnet.

You can find such gifts in large quantities in a souvenir shop. You can also visit the "LoraShen" florist salon, where there is a wide range of similar gifts. Here, you can choose New Year toys with hand-painting. Our masters depict various motifs, including the symbols of the New Year holidays.

Practical Gifts

It's always appropriate to choose practical gifts for New Year friends that have some practical value. Such gifts will not be abandoned and will be used in everyday life, for which the recipient will be grateful.


A universal gift that will be useful to everyone. Today, many people go to work and want to have tea or coffee. Instead of going to a coffee shop, they will take a thermos with home-made coffee. The drink in such a thermos will always be warm, and your friend will be happy that he received such a gift from you.

Scarf, Warm Clothes

New Year holidays come in the winter, so it is very relevant to give warm things for the New Year. First of all, pay attention to a scarf or a warm hat. Such things can be purchased in a store or knitted by hand, selecting the necessary knitting threads. Sweaters with New Year or Scandinavian motifs are also very popular. You can choose a sweater with the image of:

  • a snowman;
  • deer;
  • interesting winter ornaments.

You can also choose warm pants or gloves as a gift.

Culinary Gifts

If you are good at cooking, you can prepare something unusual and please your friends on New Year with your delicious masterpiece. Culinary gifts are especially appropriate when your friends invite you to celebrate the New Year together.

Tea or Coffee Sets

It's always appropriate to give tea or coffee sets. They may include:

  • coffee or tea;
  • a teaspoon;
  • a cup;
  • other accessories for drinking tea or coffee.

Today, coffee consumption is so popular that almost everyone to some extent consumes this drink. So, confidently buy it and give it to your friends.

Depending on your budget, you can give your friend:

  • New Year toys;
  • a book;
  • a garland;
  • a music column;
  • various certificates;
  • women's or men's health care sets.

If you know your friends well, give them things that will be useful to them. This way, you will definitely be able to please them on New Year's Eve.

Games and Entertainment

There are various games that you can give to your friends. First of all, pay attention to popular board games like Alias or Monopoly. You can buy all this in one set. These are classic and popular games that many people play. So, it's not surprising that your friends will definitely like such a gift.

There is also a large number of entertaining games that can be used for playing in a small group. Such a game will be especially relevant when you gather for New Year. After a festive feast and opening gifts, you can immediately play this game with your friends. It can be Twister or some card game.


Long winter evenings are the time for handicrafts. If you have a creative friend who engages in something interesting in their free time related to handicrafts, you can give them sets for:

  • beads;
  • embroidery;
  • sewing;
  • scrapbooking;
  • knitting.

Your friends may be fond of carving, creating small figures, and much more. Special hand tools are needed for this. If you find a good set and give it to your friend, they will be very grateful.

How to Wrap a Gift

Undoubtedly, you should wrap the gift in wrapping paper so that it completely covers the gift and thus creates an interesting intrigue for a New Year's surprise. If you are going to give a gift to your friend, you can attach a beautiful bow as an additional decorative element to the wrapping paper. As a rule, wrapping paper for New Year holidays is chosen with winter motifs. The wrapper may display:

  • a Christmas tree;
  • New Year toys;
  • snowflakes;
  • Christmas motifs;
  • much more.

If you don't have such wrapping paper on hand, you can go to any gift shop where they will surely pick the right wrapper and pack any gift, regardless of its shape and size. If you want to buy a New Year composition in the form of a wreath or bouquet as a gift, you can contact the "LoraShen" florist salon. Here, you will find original products created by professional florists.