Flower Movie Club: Films with Stunning Floristry


Florists belong to creative individuals. After all, to work with flowers, one must have talent or inner drive. Composing bouquets is a creative process. It requires the specialist to carefully combine plants and decorative materials. At the same time, it's necessary to create original compositions that don't resemble each other.

Any creative profession demands constant search for ideas from its employees. However, it's not always possible to look at one's work from a different perspective to discover new ideas. Sometimes work simply exhausts to the extent that there's no energy left for creative thinking. Therefore, florists sometimes need moral rest and inspiration from external sources.

In this case, one of the best options can be cinema. Every year, new films are released that revolve around the world of floristry. If you want to get new ideas or simply watch a movie with stunning floristry, then the following films are definitely for you.

Love Happens

This film tells the story of a girl who is engaged in floristry. She meets a man at a hotel who lost his family in an accident. Through various situations, she helps him rediscover the meaning of life, and perhaps true love, which was already lost. The film features beautiful flowers and compositions. They can be seen in a small shop owned by the main heroine in New York. Against the backdrop of beautiful flowers, the truth about coping with the loss of a loved one without losing oneself unfolds in the film.

Bed of Roses

The plot of this film is much like an old-fashioned fairy tale about love. The film begins when the main heroine receives flowers from a secret admirer through a delivery service. When she asks the courier who made the delivery, the courier simply replied that the person wanted to remain anonymous. The flowers were given to her by the owner of a flower shop who wanted to make the girl feel better when he saw her crying at the window. The film has a romantic denouement, which makes it worth watching.


James Cameron invites us to immerse ourselves in the world of new nature on the planet Pandora in his film. The flora here is radically different from that existing on our planet. Since the locals managed to preserve it in its pristine form, the viewer is presented with magnificent landscapes that permeate the entire plot of the film. Against the backdrop of beautiful flowers from the wild nature, the main events unfold. If you want to enjoy a pleasant picture and sympathize with the main characters at the same time, then you can watch this film with the whole family.

Rosemary & Thyme

This series nicely showcases one aspect of floristry, namely landscape design. Against the backdrop of beautiful and well-kept flowers and shrubs, an interesting plot unfolds, which includes a detective storyline. This series will tell you not only an intriguing story about the main characters but also inspire you to plant flowers to create a picturesque garden.

My Fair Lady

The film is made in the form of a musical comedy. It was based on a book by the famous writer Bernard Shaw. The film and the book tell us how one professor dared to bet, which presupposed that he would be able to turn a flower girl into a real lady. The main heroine has to go a long way and conquer the heart of a man. Each of the films will allow you to draw your own conclusions and at the same time enjoy the shown floral compositions.

In the Whirl of Flowers

The main characters in this film are the daughter of gardener Sorenza and the son of Guillaume, whose father owns a large perfume company. The Sorenza family grows flowers, which they sell to factories that produce perfumes. Sorenza and Guillaume love each other, but they cannot be together. Guillaume's father cannot settle the affairs at the factory, and to prevent it from going bankrupt, he needs to marry his son to the daughter of a large landowner. What came out of this, you can find out by watching the entire film.

Valentine's Day

This film is filled with soft toys, hearts, and, of course, bouquets of flowers. By watching the film, you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Valentine's Day. For the ordinary viewer, a magnificent storyline of the film will unfold, and for the florist, wonderful compositions, which are often shown in the film and serve as a backdrop for the actors' performances.