Why is it customary to give tulips on March 8?


For many years, men have given flowers to women on March 8. It is by the beginning of spring that primroses begin to bloom, which are very popular on this day. On March 8, tulips are given first. They are on the first place in the list of long-awaited spring flowers. A bunch of white, red, yellow, purple, orange, blue and other colors of tulips look great.

Tulips on March 8 - the history of tradition

There are many legends about why tulips are given by March 8th. Different countries have their own legends about how this flower symbolized love and pure relationships between a man and a woman. Several centuries ago, this flower caused a lot of commotion in European countries. There, people greatly valued tulip bulbs and sought to get them at any cost.

In the domestic space, the tradition of giving tulips appeared around the 70s. These flowers blended well with field plants and therefore beautiful bouquets began to be obtained from them. However, the most important reason was a picture in the Izvestia newspaper. It featured a man holding a bouquet of beautiful tulips. For his beloved, he grew them on a plot in the amount of 40 thousand and gave her tulips on March 8. After such a resonant event, these flowers have become a must-have gift for many women.

The tradition of giving tulips has been preserved due to the fact that these flowers:

  • symbolize the arrival of spring, good mood and a feeling of love;
  • have a wide color palette;
  • have a beautiful appearance;
  • they make large and lush bouquets;
  • have a pleasant aroma;
  • are inexpensive.

If you want to please your girlfriend or wife, then be sure to give her tulips with the advent of spring.

How many tulips is it customary to give a girl on March 8?

Tulips are well suited as a romantic gift. Modern bouquets are created with a large number of different shades. Mixed bouquets look beautiful and attractive. Therefore, of all the other primroses, they deserve to be given to a loved one.

When choosing the number of tulips for a bouquet, you should not save. The fact is that a small number of flowers will create a modest bouquet. An exception may be a bouquet that is given to work colleagues or people as a token of attention. Even 5 tulips, which will be beautifully decorated by a florist, are worthy of being presented to a woman.

Since tulips are affordable for everyone, in other cases it is worth buying bouquets with a lot of flowers. A hat box or a basket that will be completely filled with tulips will look chic. If you want to surprise your girlfriend, then feel free to buy a bouquet of 101 tulips.

Often on March 8, flower arrangements are bought, which consist of 35 - 51 tulips. A large number of tulips allows you to emphasize the sincerity of your feelings. For mom or grandmother, you should not buy such huge bouquets. It is appropriate to give compositions of 15 - 25 buds. You can complement the flowers with the help of greenery and decorative paper.

When asked why tulips are given, you can hear many answers. Women's Day is not the only reason for giving these flowers. Tulips are very popular at wedding events or concerts. They can be given for birthdays, school and other events.

Choosing a bouquet of tulips on March 8

These flowers are always available for the buyer in large quantities. Tulips on March 8 are given not only because it is customary. A bouquet of these flowers is chosen for the reason that:

  • plants look beautiful and harmonious;
  • they create colorful and bright bouquets;
  • differ in a large number of forms;
  • some varieties attract attention due to terry petals;
  • affordable even for students.

Before choosing a bouquet of tulips for March 8 pay attention to the shape of the bouquet and its structure. If you want to impress your loved one, then give preference to products that are compiled in professional floristic salons. It is here that you will be offered a unique flower arrangement that will not look like ordinary bouquets from the markets. If your girlfriend has been combining tulips since March 8, then be sure to give her a nice gift on this day.

What tulips are given on March 8?

On March 8, you can give any tulips. The more of them in the bouquet, the more a man can fully show his feelings for a woman. When choosing, pay attention to the color. The boss should give dark purple tulips. After all, they symbolize wealth and high status. Make your work colleagues happy with the colors yellow, red and orange. For your beloved girl, do not be stingy and buy a chic mix of tulips with a different color palette.

Is it possible to give tulips on March 8?

Tulips are one of the most anticipated flowers on March 8th. They can be given to girls, women, mothers and grandmothers. For your beloved, give a chic bouquet of 51 or 101 flowers. For relatives, you can buy bouquets of 15-25-35 buds.

Why give tulips on March 8?

Tulips symbolize the arrival of spring and good mood. These are primroses that can be bought in large quantities for the holiday of March 8. They are bought for reasons of beauty and color. For many, tulip bouquets are the most affordable.

What are the most popular flowers on March 8 called?

One of the most popular flowers on March 8 are tulips. However, on this day, the buyer is not limited to these plants. Women can be presented with bouquets of such primroses as freesias, lilies of the valley, snowdrops, hellebore, daffodils, hyacinths, irises.