Cachepot ceramic collection

Finding a perfect cache-pot for your loved indoor plants is not that easy. You want it to look cute, trendy, be made from natural material, and comfy. Facing this problem when decorating hundreds of private apartments and houses, we decided to create our own collection of designer match-all ceramic flowerpots. This lead to My Little Garden cache-pot collection being born in three quiet shades, that will become a perfect housing for plants and match any interior design style. The second was a cache-pot collection inspired by Jackson Pollock: in a variety of sizes and shapes, they became a very special love confession to Art.

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Ceramic cache-pots

Finding a perfect flower pot for your loved indoor plants is not that easy. You ...
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Indoor plants themselves have an attractive appearance. However, if you use ordinary pots for them, then all their beauty may not be so expressive. Therefore, the LoraShen company offers custom-made planters for any size of plants. This is the best option for a decorative product that can complement the beauty of indoor plants and, together with them, create a more attractive composition.

Planter for flowers to order

If you are not attracted to the usual products that are sold on the market, then it's time to buy ceramic planters to order. Such products are primarily distinguished by originality. This is handmade by an experienced craftsman. He is able to create a planter that will meet all your expectations.

For production high-quality and strong ceramics is used. This material is great for planters, as it allows you to:

  • easy to remove excess moisture;
  • pass oxygen to the root system;
  • transplant plants without damaging the roots.

Ceramics resists external factors well. It is also a material that is very suitable for the manufacture of complex shapes. Therefore, when you order a ceramic planter, the master is ready to make it with high detail. The result is a practical and aesthetic premium product that will find its rightful place in any interior.

Ceramic planters - order in LoraShen

Our company employs experienced craftsmen who create souvenir and practical products of the original form. We offer a wide range of finished products, as well as the opportunity to buy flower pots to order, taking into account the wishes of the client.

Thanks to our creative impulse, our craftsmen have created their own collections of author's and universal ceramic planters. These are products in the form of animals, as well as classic-shaped flowerpots, which are painted in various colors. Thanks to a large selection of colors, models can be matched to any style and interior design.

If you want the interior of your home to be decorated with unique and luxurious products, then you should contact us for an order. We will offer you the optimal solution for home and office interiors, as well as for public spaces, where it is advisable to flaunt unique decorative products.

All models from our collections are handmade, in which the master has invested all his creative potential. Such products can be a great gift for people who appreciate art and adore ceramics.

What are ceramic planters?

Ceramic planters may differ in size, shape, color scheme and other features. They can be made for houseplants of various sizes. Separately, it is worth highlighting the cache-pot in the form of animal figures. They are highly detailed and look very attractive.

📲 How to order the production of pots from ceramics?

To order, you need to call our manager, who will put you in touch with a ceramic maker. Finished products can be ordered immediately. It is presented in our site catalog. If you want to purchase a custom-made ceramic planter, then you will resolve all issues when talking with the master.

📝 What is included in the assortment of custom-made planters?

In our product range you can find unique and original products in the form of classic planters or animal figurines. If you want to order original products, taking into account personal wishes, then you should call us for more information.