Candle holders ceramic collection

Candles need special dressing. LoraShen ceramic candle holder collection can be such dressing, which will make any hugge installation in your home, office or showroom look perfect.

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Chandeliers by LoraShen

Candles need special dressing. LoraShen ceramic candle holder collection can be such dressing, which will ...
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For modern interiors, candlesticks act more as a decorative decoration. Therefore, they are made of delicate materials with fanciful shapes and with an interesting design idea. Candlesticks can be ordered for home or office interiors. With their avant-garde look, they are well suited to classic-style rooms. This is a good option for decorating museum halls, concert halls and other public places.

Custom ceramic candle holder

The company "LoraShen" offers to order beautiful and original candelabra, which will be made of ceramics. It is a practical and attractive material, from which attractive and practical things are obtained at the same time. Ceramic is a heat-resistant and non-combustible material, which makes it the most suitable for making safe and beautiful candle holders.

Candlestick can be made to order in various shapes and sizes. Buyers can choose tall models in the form of a stand for long candles. They provide a special recess for reliable installation of table candles.

Thanks to a large selection of modern candles, which can have a cylindrical shape of different heights and diameters, the range of candlesticks is significantly increased. They can differ significantly in configuration from the classic chandeliers that we are used to seeing in ancient castles.

It can be:

  • miniature models of the correct geometric shape;
  • candelabra with unusual curves and transitions;
  • products decorated with volumetric figures.

Modern candlesticks can be used not only for setting candles. They can be used as coasters for small pots with indoor plants, as well as independent decorative elements that can be placed on shelves or on other furniture.

Exclusive chandelier - order from LoraShen

Made ceramic candlesticks from our specialists will differ:

  • unique design;
  • unusual author's idea;
  • high strength;
  • long service life.

Our craftsmen offer customers unique collections of candlesticks that will fit well into a classic or modern interior. This is an original product, which is made of high quality ceramics.

Each ceramic candlestick is a premium product that you can safely buy to decorate the most expensive interiors. These are handmade products that are created on the basis of a creative idea. Quality materials are used to create them. Thanks to this, candlesticks will retain their original appearance for many years.

📲 How to place an order for handmade candle holder?

To place an order, you need to fill out an online form for the selected product from the catalog or call our manager. You also have the opportunity to buy a ceramic candlestick to order, taking into account personal wishes. We accept cash or non-cash money for payment and arrange delivery in Kyiv and all of Ukraine.

📝 Where can I order a custom-made chandelier?

You can use the services of the LoraShen company, whose employees are engaged in the manufacture of custom-made chandeliers. You can choose from our catalog of ready-made products or contact us for the manufacture of candlesticks on an individual order.

Which ceramic candlesticks are better to choose?

First of all, you need to consider personal preferences. You also need to see how this or that candlestick model will look in the interior of your room and how it will be combined with other decor items nearby. If you choose candlesticks for a gift, then give preference to universal models that will look good in various interiors.