Workshop Ice cream bouquet

Workshop Ice cream bouquet

Start on:
Studio LoraShen, Kyiv, Lobanovskogo Avenue, 119/2
600.00 UAH
Open the ice cream season with us!

Let’s start the ice cream season together!
Raspberry? Lemon? Vanilla ice cream?

At our workshop you can make an ice cream bouquet to your taste!
Our florist will teach you to create rose glamelia and to blend various décor items into your bouquet.

Let’s greet summer together! Treat ourselves to eat ice cream and aromatic coffee!

You will also be able to enjoy delicious treats, have photos from the event and good mood!

The workshop duration: 2 hours.
Pre-registration is required.
Looking forward to seeing you!

* The administration reserves the right to cancel the workshop if the number of participants is less than 3. Each registered person will be notified in advance.