Start on:
LoraShen Studio, ave. Lobanovsky, 119/2
3500.00 UAH
8 lessons, theory and practical lessons from the three forms of ikebana of the Ikenobo school.

We invite you to the spring Ikebana course for beginners at LoraShen Studio.

Start: from March 29, 2021. The price is UAH 3,500. (for 8 lessons).

Teacher: Olena Kapranova, head of the Ukrainian branch of ikebana, advisor to the President of the Branch of the Ikenobo School in Eastern Europe, assistant professor of 1st level ikebana, teacher of the tea ceremony of the Urasenke School.

For whom:

  • for beginner florists;
  • for florists with work experience in classical floristry who seek to deepen their knowledge;
  • for those who are close and interested in Eastern philosophy;
  • for those who want to try something new and discover new facets of their own soul.

Features of classes:

A lot of practice, because all traditional Japanese arts are based on it - everything is learned not through the mind, but through the heart and body
The study of ikebana includes an introduction to the history and culture of Japan, in particular, to traditional holidays, household culture and etiquette.
All necessary materials, vases, kendzans, tools and plants will be provided at each class.
Getting to know the principles of photographing ikebana compositions.
Flowers and plants from your composition can be taken home.

"We make compositions from flowers, and not just "put" them. It means revealing the inherent beauty of flowers, and at the same time revealing the beauty of your own soul. Ikebana is our search for perfect beauty."

Ikenobo Sen'ei, the 45th head of the Ikenobo School


1 lesson

History of ikebana, principles and main styles of the Ikenobo school.

You will learn how ikebana differs from bouquets and floral arrangements, who and how started this art, as well as what philosophical and aesthetic principles are embedded in the forms of ikebana and why each element of the composition has its place and meaning.

Acquaintance with the first style - moribana, which literally means "flowers on a plate". Philosophy of form and general principles of composition construction.

Lesson duration: 3 hours

2 classes

Inclined and cascading forms of moribana

In this class, you will review the principles of moribana construction and try to create all three forms of moribana.

Lesson duration: 3 hours

3 classes

Final lesson on the style of moriban

During the lesson, you will make 3-4 compositions in different forms of moribana.

Lesson duration: 3 hours

4 classes

Nageire style, history of creation, principles of construction.

You will learn what "nageire" means, in which vases nageire compositions are created, and what methods of fastening branches are used in this form.

If you want to express the elegance of nature in your compositions, then you will definitely like this form

Lesson duration: 3 hours

5 classes

The sloping and cascading form of nageire

In this lesson, you will review the principles of nageire construction and attempt to create all three forms of nageire.

Lesson duration: 3 hours

6 classes

The history of the emergence of one of the most modern styles of ikebana - jiyuka, its philosophy, principles of construction, options for location in space, rules for combining artificial materials and dried flowers with live flowers.

Lesson duration: 3 hours.

7 classes

Practical lesson on free form.

Lesson duration: 3 hours.

8 classes


Each student creates 1 composition in three styles (moribana, nageire, jiuka).

Those who complete the full course will be issued a certificate.

Duration: 3 hours

Those who successfully pass the exam will be recommended by the teacher and will be able to apply for the 1st and 2nd diplomas of the Ikenobo School (Kyoto, Japan). The cost and shipping of diplomas from Japan are paid separately.