Workshop “Rehearsal of 14th February”

Workshop “Rehearsal of 14th February”

Start on:
LoraShen Studio, Kyiv, ave. Lobanovsky, 119/2
1800.00 UAH
People are divided into two types: some love Valentine's Day, others consider it a holiday for marketers and single people. We at LoraShen believe that you cannot spoil this day with flowers, even when you give flowers to yourself or to a best friend or friend.

We invite you to create a romantic heart-shaped bouquet of roses, tulips, eustoma and floral greenery in an oasis. Let's share the subtleties of working on such compositions.

Give yourself a romantic gift on February 14, and it doesn't matter if you've already met the love of your life or not.

Start: 12.00

The price is UAH 1,800.

Duration – 2.5 hours.

Pre-registration is mandatory.