Master class "Tenderness of a kiss"

Master class "Tenderness of a kiss"

Start on:
LoraShen Studio, ave. Lobanovsky, 119/2
1200.00 UAH
How to create a flower arrangement in pink shades, but so that it is original and unpredictable?! We know how, practice and are ready to share the secrets with you at our wonderful master class "Tenderness of a kiss"

In 2.5 hours, you will learn to create a composition with a floral "oasis", to select appropriate combinations of flowers, plants and autumn leaves. We will remind you about the rules of the "golden ratio", and also tell you about the correct proportions of the floral set in relation to the hat box.

Of course, a creative atmosphere in our studio, pleasant acquaintances and delicious treats await you.

Take your friend, mother, daughter, sister and come to us! Let the aesthetics of floral beauty into your heart!

Date: September 24

Start: 13.00

The price is UAH 1,200.

Duration - 2.5 hours

Pre-registration is mandatory.