Master class "Drawing flowers with dry pastel" 1

Master class "Drawing flowers with dry pastel" 1

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LoraShen Studio, ave. Lobanovsky, 119/2
200.00 UAH
Distract yourself from problems and fully immerse yourself in the world of drawing by trying a new and interesting dry pastel technique. We invite you to experience the magic of this type of drawing!

What is the dry pastel technique? It is made of chalk and binding components, which are given the shape of pencils or chalk without a frame. And the presence of pigment in different quantities allows manufacturers to achieve many colors and shades, so artistic pastel sets can surprise everyone.

At first, it may seem that dry pastel is the easiest tool for drawing, because it is so reminiscent of the chalks we know from childhood. But this is only at first glance. Dry pastel for drawing has an airy and velvety structure, so you need to learn how to use the tool correctly.

To work with pastels, you need special paper with a textured surface. In addition, it is much easier to work not on a pure white sheet, but on a tinted one.

Our artist will help you understand the basics of this technique. And you will take the work created at the master class home with you.

The number of places for this master class is limited. No more than 8 people.