Master class "Composition in vase "Fountain of wishes"

Master class "Composition in vase "Fountain of wishes"

Start on:
LoraShen Studio, Kyiv, ave. Lobanovsky, 119/2
800.00 UAH
On the bedside table? On the balcony, where do you drink coffee or tea in the morning? On the desktop near the laptop? Wherever you decide to put such a composition, it will play with color and remind you of your secret fantasies, desires and dreams!

Feel like this is your story? Then we invite you to our master class, where you will have the opportunity to create a composition of flowers in a ceramic pot that will reflect your dreams.
We will teach you how to work with a floral "oasis", we will share the secrets of creating compositions in planters, and then every week you will be able to independently create new compositions in the same planter, but with different flowers!

A pleasant atmosphere awaits all guests of the master class in our studio.

The duration of the master class is 2.5 hours.

Pre-registration is mandatory.