What flowers are given to men


It's possible to be deeply mistaken thinking that flowers are only given to women. While men may not receive flowers as often, there are plenty of occasions on which men can be presented with a floral arrangement. Men happily accept bouquets as gifts from close friends and relatives. For those buying flowers to gift to a man, it's important to know a few rules to ensure that the bouquet is positively received by the recipient.

Our floral salon offers masculine bouquets created with proper etiquette in mind. You can order a stylish and elegant floral arrangement that can serve as a standalone gift or complement to the main present.

When to Give Flowers to Men

To give flowers to a man, there should be a significant reason to avoid the gesture being perceived as a sign of weakness. Therefore, buy flowers for men on occasions such as:

  • Anniversaries
  • Creative achievements
  • Career advancements
  • Participation in competitions
  • Success in various life spheres

Flowers are often presented to men in leadership positions, politicians, military personnel, and officials. Creative individuals also appreciate flowers, especially when they achieve goals. At such moments, presenting flowers emphasizes the man's success and serves as an additional reward and recognition of his victory.

Flowers for Anniversaries or Birthdays

When choosing a birthday gift, it's perfectly acceptable to buy a bouquet of flowers for a man. In this case, the floral composition should be modest and elegant, without excessive decor. A thoughtful gesture from parents can be giving their son flowers upon completing school or university. A special arrangement can also be presented for anniversaries.

For Creative Individuals

People in creative fields are open to receiving flower gifts, but it should still be done with a proper reason. The best occasions for presenting flowers to creative individuals include:

  • performances;
  • book presentations;
  • artistic events.

In such cases, you can be confident that the person will gladly accept the flowers, as long as it's done at the right moment.

During Awards Ceremonies

It's not uncommon to see men receiving flowers during award ceremonies or after completing a sports competition. If you are certain that your man will achieve victory or win a prize, buying him a bouquet of flowers can be a pleasant surprise during the award ceremony.

For Leaders

In a work environment, it's common for subordinates to congratulate their leader. In such cases, a bouquet of flowers can be one of the gifts. Flowers for leaders can also be given on occasions such as:

  • birthdays;
  • successful business deals;
  • or years of service.

Bouquets for Military Personnel

It's respectful and symbolic to show appreciation for the defenders of the homeland by presenting them with a bouquet of flowers. This can be done on:

  • professional holidays;
  • promotions;
  • upon completing military service;
  • or when returning from the army.

Choosing Flowers for a Masculine Bouquet

Not all flowers are suitable for creating bouquets for men. If you are not familiar with the existing rules of etiquette, it's advisable to consult an experienced florist. For masculine compositions, flowers with large buds are preferred. Suitable options include:

  • orchids;
  • chrysanthemums;
  • irises;
  • lilies;
  • tulips;
  • gladioli;
  • amaryllis;
  • narcissus.

For special occasions, roses can also be included in a bouquet for a man. When choosing flowers, pay attention to their shade. Roses with red, white, dark burgundy, blue, or purple buds are ideal. For younger men, you can opt for a composition with bright shades, while for mature men, choose flowers with dark-toned buds.

What the bouquet should be like

A men's bouquet should have strict forms and should be devoid of excessive decor. Among other features, it is also necessary to highlight:

  • Rectangular shape
  • Buds painted in muted and saturated shades
  • Slight narrowing at the top

According to etiquette, a woman should not give a bouquet to a man younger than herself, with close relatives being an exception.

In addition to fresh-cut flowers, you can also gift potted plants to men. Suitable options include:

  • bonsai;
  • laurel;
  • lemon trees;
  • anthurium;
  • money trees.

If you want to pleasantly surprise a man with flowers but are unsure about the best choice, you can seek assistance from the DonPion floral salon. Our experienced florists will help you select a wonderful bouquet that aligns with the etiquette and occasion for which it will be presented.