Wedding ceremonies with flowers


No wedding ceremony is complete without decorations. The best decorations for the bride, arches, tables and decor of the banquet hall are fresh flowers. These are indispensable attributes of wedding decoration, which have been used for many decades. It is not surprising that against this background, certain traditions and rituals have developed with flowers at the wedding. They make wedding events more solemn, interesting and beautiful. Wedding ceremonies with flowers have become so popular that they are used even at weddings with a small number of guests and a minimal budget. In the catalog of the site of the floristic salon “LoraShen”, a large assortment of bouquets for weddings awaits buyers. You can also buy a bouquet to order from us.

The bride's bouquet

The main role in shaping the image of the bride is played by a bouquet of flowers. At the solemn event of the marriage, he performs several functions. First of all, the bride's bouquet should emphasize the sophistication of the dress, but at the same time not take all the attention to itself. In this case, it is necessary to select flowers that will be a little darker by a few tones compared to the wedding dress.

The following superstitions are associated with the bridal bouquet:

  • the bouquet cannot be given to other hands after the bride has accepted it from the groom;
  • if a bouquet of flowers falls on the floor, then a wedding will soon be played in this house again;
  • only fresh flowers should be selected in the bouquet;
  • you can not put a bouquet to the belt, otherwise there may be a difficult birth.

In the old days, the groom had to buy the bride's bouquet. Wedding traditions with flowers say that if a woman accepts a bouquet, then she is ready to marry her lover. As soon as the wedding bouquet falls into the hands of a young woman, she should not give it to anyone else. An exception may be only a husband or close relatives. It is believed that if a woman gives the bouquet to someone else, then she will give her happiness to other hands. After the celebration of the wedding, the bouquet must be dried and stored away in a place inaccessible to other people.

However, few people adhere to the tradition of giving a bouquet of flowers for the bride by the groom now, because the bride needs to pick up a bouquet of flowers for the dress so that they combine with each other and the bride can create a suitable image in which everything will look harmonious. Therefore, in most cases, the bride herself chooses a bouquet or gives this task to a friend.

Flowers in the bride's hair

Wedding traditions with flowers allow you to weave them into your hair. However, the bride must have a veil on her head. By themselves, the flowers in the hair symbolize:

  • romance;
  • tenderness;
  • summer energy.

In the bride's hair, flowers will look attractive and will complement her sophisticated image, emphasizing her natural beauty.

Even one flower can give an unusual hairstyle style. It can be a cut bud:

  • roses;
  • lilies;
  • orchids;
  • lotus;
  • chrysanthemums.

You can choose different colors in your hair. If this is one flower, it should have a large bud. If the buds are small, then several pieces are woven into the hair at once. Choosing a specific flower is necessary, taking into account:

  • stylistics of the wedding event;
  • hair colors;
  • temperament of the bride;
  • dress colors.

A white rose in the bride's hair will speak of her purity and innocence. A red or pink rose will speak of strong feelings. Chamomile in hair symbolizes youth. Chrysanthemum symbolizes happiness and nobility. Calla lilies in their hair look elegant and will be admired. Lilies in the hair of the bride will symbolize purity and devotion. Freesias are a good option for sincere natures.

Traditions of throwing the bride's bouquet

The tradition of throwing a bouquet over the head originally appeared from the West, from where it came to us. The essence of this ceremony is that the bride turns her back on the girls who came to the wedding, but are not yet married. The girl who is lucky to catch, thus, the bouquet will soon get married. A similar tradition is associated with the garter, which the groom removes from the bride's leg and throws it in the same way so that one of the men who has not yet married will catch it. Even if not everyone believes in these rituals, they are performed at every wedding, as they allow all guests to get a lot of positive emotions.

Sprinkling the petals of the young

The tradition of sprinkling the young was used in ancient Rus' and Rome. Various items were used for sprinkling:

  • grain is a symbol of health and fertility;
  • coins - for prosperity and well-being;
  • sweets - for tenderness and romance.

Shedding can be done at such times as:

  • after the ransom of the bride;
  • after registration in the registry office or a wedding in a church;
  • to the first dance of the young;
  • at the entrance to the banquet hall.

Today, often at wedding ceremonies, the newlyweds are sprinkled with confetti, sweets and petals. Roses are the flowers whose petals are just used for this tradition. After all, they attract attention with their beauty and lightness. With their help, a romantic and beautiful action is obtained, when children with baskets in their hands shower the path in front of the young.