Breaking into the 20s: 20 iconic New Year's projects of LoraShen ahead of 2020


From the nightclub Queen to the National Art Museum of Ukraine, from the most popular skating rink in Kyiv, Roshen Winter Village, to magical private decorations, we burst into the 20s beautifully with our beloved clients.

We are talking about 20 landmark projects that our team has implemented for the New Year 2020.

1. Magic Christmas tree with origami for ROSHEN WINTER VILLAGE

We created the most romantic place this winter in Kyiv. Christmas tree with origami toys, Christmas wreaths with teddy bears and 2 photo zones. Despite the scale and significance of the project, we wanted to remind you that the New Year is a holiday from childhood, where there is a place for winter joys, meetings with friends and a sense of the moment.

2. Northern polar bears for Globus shopping center

Nostalgia for the snow was compensated by the design of the Globus shopping center, where a piece of the magical winter of the North Pole came to life on the -1st floor of the shopping center in the food court area.

3. Spanish motifs in the design of the Hyatt Regency Kyiv hotel

Who said that a Christmas tree has to be tall and triangular? They broke the stereotype and created a Christmas mood for Hyatt Regency Kyiv: decorations in the form of figures of Spanish women of the Renaissance, who hid Christmas trees in the hem of their luxurious dresses. We completed the story with compositions in the hotel lobby with fans.

4. The Little Prince in the Myronivsky Hliboproduct office

The office can also be a fabulous location. They dressed up the Myronivsky Khleboprodukt office with scenery based on their favorite work, The Little Prince. On the eve of the New Year, we do not get tired of reminding about the power of good!

5. Design of the studio "Snidanok 1 + 1" for the charity marathon "Create a dream"

We recreated the magic of home warmth and comfort for the most rated morning show in Ukraine. What a horny broadcast turned out - be sure to review the program on the Youtube channel.

6. Scandinavian minimalism in a private setting

The Scandinavian style may not be ascetic at all if the New Year is ahead. We added a little glam chic to the most concise style and it turned out to be a fairy tale, originally from the northern cities of the harsh Vikings.

7. New Year corporate party of a law firm in Buddha-Bar

Haven't we told you before that Jay Gatsby is our great-grandfather? They added chic-brilliance to the celebration of the New Year in the Buddha-Bar.

8. Photo zone for AVIS

Rushing in a small red car through the snowy streets with gifts for family and friends, isn't it a dream? We made a dream come true in a magical festive photo zone for AVIS Ukraine.

9. The Nutcracker for the Fairmont Grand Hotel

The Year of the Gray Metal Rat could not do without decorations based on the beloved fairy tale "The Nutcracker". Rethink history, inspired by ballet performances, and created a story about light, aesthetics and magic at the Fairmont Grand Hotel. The age of sophistication will come in 2020: we know, we checked!

10. Design of the main office of the ROSHEN factory

We supplemented last year's design with New Year's compositions with the symbols of the year - Mice. We love to adapt our own design, make it relevant for the new season and save the client's budget!

11. Christmas tree for the National Art Museum of Ukraine

It's a huge honor to decorate a Christmas tree for the museum. Calm shades, twinkling stars, ceramic Christmas decorations - we wanted to create a fir tree, so as not to distract from the pictures, but create a festive mood.

12. Photo zone for the concert "Christmas story with Tina Karol"

The star photo zone for the artistic foyer of the concert has become a gathering place for all the invited stars at the concert of our friend, the magical Tina Karol.

13. Christmas Tree for Queen Nightclub

A five-meter Christmas tree for the Queen nightclub with royal scope for the loudest New Year's parties.

14. Master class "Christmas wreath" in the store "ALL. SVOI"

The master class for 20 people on the eve of Catholic Christmas was full of a special atmosphere, and as a result, all participants made absolutely beautiful Christmas wreaths.

15. The magic of red and gold in a private setting

The combination of red and gold is a New Year's classic. A truly wonderful combination for homely cozy holidays. We will never get tired of decorating houses in this range.

16. Nativity scene on the territory of the National Reserve "Sofia Kyiv"

The history of nativity scenes is as old as our world, and just as beautiful. Every year it is a special honor and joy to create scenery in the form of a nativity scene.

17. Christmas table setting for the special project 1 + 1 "New Year stories with Lyusya Varnava"

The Christmas table setting in the traditions of the best houses in England was created for the special project of the 1 + 1 TV channel with British chef Lucy Varnava.

18. Jacobs office

The warmth of coffee beans, the magic of the aroma of your favorite drink, the romance of meeting over a cup of coffee - the values of Jacobs have been transformed through the soulful design of the company's office.

19. Showcase of the bank "Credit. Dnipro"

Magic lanterns of physalis, covered with snow, hid in the window of the bank "Credit. Dnipro".

20. Snow-white fairy tale in a private setting

Let it snow! We thought and recreated nostalgia for snowy winters in one beautiful private house.