Types of flower packaging


It is impossible to create a full-fledged bouquet of flowers without packaging materials. You can collect flowers in a bunch, but they will not be so attractive when their stems are wrapped with ribbon, and the bouquet itself is wrapped in beautiful craft paper.

Packaging for bouquets allows you to give them a more festive and presentable appearance. With its help, flowers are more convenient to hold in your hands. Due to the paper, highly voluminous bouquets can be gently leaned on the arm or safely laid down. Packaging materials generally hold the entire flower arrangement together, preventing each individual flower from deviating from the position in which it was placed.

Among the main functions of wrapping paper it should be noted:

  • holding the bouquet together;
  • gives the composition a decorative appearance;
  • protects flowers from wind and low temperatures.

The combination of several packaging materials allows you to succinctly complement the flowers, creating a bright flower arrangement out of everything. In the floristic salon "LoraShen" florists have various packaging in their arsenal, which allows them to pack flowers into bouquets for every taste.

Types of flower packaging

Experienced florists necessarily use an extensive amount of packaging materials. The more diverse the packaging for flowers, the more opportunities open up for florists to be creative and create original bouquets.

For the design of flower presentations, the following packaging is most often used:

  • paper;
  • film;
  • tapes;
  • net;
  • textile;
  • boxes, baskets and crates.

Each material has certain features. Packaging materials can be combined with each other, but this must be done in such a way that they match each other in color and other features.


It is a delicate and beautiful packaging, which is both a reliable protection and an attractive appearance. Florists select one or another type of paper for a certain type of flowers. Every florist should know how to choose flower packaging so that it does not take all the attention and succinctly complements the beauty of the flower arrangement. Therefore, it is very important to understand the types of paper and select them for certain flowers or compositions.

In floristry, the following types of paper are used:

  • ink - bright paper with a pleasant to the touch structure, has a small thickness and retains its shape well, which makes it comfortable when working;
  • corrugated paper - the difference between this packaging material is the presence of small folds located over the entire surface;
  • parchment - stands out from other packaging with an attractive sheen and good resistance to moisture;
  • kraft paper is a popular option that has an attractive decorative look, high strength and moisture resistance;
  • floral felt - a special fleecy fabric.

Kraft paper is very popular among buyers because it is an environmentally friendly material. With its help, even the most ordinary-looking flowers can be transformed into an original bouquet. This paper also has protective features. It protects flowers from:

  • ultraviolet;
  • moisture;
  • wind.

Using craft paper, you can create bouquets for both a first date and a business meeting.


Practical and affordable material. This is a universal package in which you can wrap almost all flowers. Cellophane has an attractive appearance, due to the patterns and prints created on it, as well as a beautiful edging. It can come as a transparent package or be dyed in a solid color.

The film is very popular due to the large selection of colors. Florists got used to using this packaging so cleverly and aesthetically that it turns out to be an unusual way to transform a flower arrangement, preparing it for a responsible solemn event.


Decorative material with good density. With its help, bouquets are airy from a visual point of view. They support the bouquet well and make it very attractive. The material differs from each other in the size and shape of the cells. Its structure can be with small cells of a square shape or in the form of an openwork weave.

Boxes, baskets and crates

The box is a decorative material that immediately gives the flowers an elevated status. Flowers in a box can be placed in the center, and sweets can be added on the sides in the form of:

  • macaron;
  • marshmallow;
  • cookies;
  • candy.

This makes the composition richer and more generous. Only one flower can be presented in a box, without additional presents. To keep the flowers fresh, a special sponge is placed on the bottom of the box. It is impregnated with water and solution. Thus, flowers can stand in a box for a long time, like in a vase, and at the same time retain their freshness. The box has a stable construction. It can be either square or round. A round hat box will make the gift elegant and presentable.

Flowers look great in a box or wicker basket. If you can only present flowers in a box, then when putting flowers in a basket, it must be supplemented with something else. Otherwise, such a present will look poor.

Other types of packaging

Sometimes florists use fabric to decorate a bouquet. Flowers can be wrapped in such types of fabric as:

  • organza;
  • linen;
  • lace;
  • jute;
  • mat;
  • sisal.

Newspaper can be used as the original packaging. This is an environmentally friendly option that is always at hand. Sometimes you can see a bouquet of flowers in a package. For this, a product with a beautiful appearance is selected.

Types of tape for packing bouquets

So that the bouquet of flowers does not fall apart, and the stems of the plants fit snugly against each other, various types of ribbons are used. Most often, florists prefer the following types of ribbons:

  1. Propylene. They are highly durable and practical. With their help, it turns out to firmly fix the stems of flowers. They have a wide range of colors.
  2. Raffia. Fiber tape, which is a natural material. There is also synthetic raffia that can be used when the flowers are in water.
  3. Twine. It has high strength and is pleasant to the touch. A great option for creating bouquets that are wrapped in craft paper.
  4. Fabric tapes. Satin ribbons have high strength and a pleasant sheen. They can be used both for a bouquet of flowers and for gifts.

The choice of ribbons directly depends on what kind of paper will be used to pack the flower arrangement.

How to pack flowers in a bouquet

Before you pack the flowers in the package, they must be tied with a ribbon. It would be wrong in this case to use adhesive tape. You need to tie the stems with a ribbon only after giving the bouquet the necessary shape. When the flowers are laid out and the stems are tied, they can be wrapped in the selected type of packaging material. You can also use only ribbons for wrapping flowers.