She is rare, she is beautiful: Lilit Sarkisian's love for rare flowers


Is love for rare flowers a trend or a state of mind?

Be that as it may, anthurium, eucalyptus, ranunculus, protea are no longer just unfamiliar foreign words for most Kiev residents, but flowers that we want to give and receive to our near and dear ones.

We talked to a girl who is on the same side with us and every day makes Ukrainians (and not only!) fall in love with rare exotic flowers - artist Lilit Sargsyan. Why does Lilith love these strange beautiful flowers?

Lilit Sargsyan

I like the state of being “on the edge” - and I see this state in such strange colors. They give the impression of something that doesn't exist or something we don't want to believe. I would compare them with the technique in which I paint my works: a mix of delicate, translucent, soft watercolors and rather sharp, rough graphics.

I like that these flowers die beautifully. They are unisex - I see the feminine and masculine in them. At first glance, these plants are simple, but if you look closely at them, you will notice a lot of detail and tenderness that are hidden inside. Original, whole, strange and misunderstood.

Photographer: Evgeny Lisovoy

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