Plus one LoraShen store - now we are in IQ Business Center


Our new and ultra-modern flower space has opened in the IQ Business Center.

Why IQ Business Center?

This place has long been the center of business negotiations, social events and private parties in Kyiv.

We like the modern architecture of the building and internal logistics, as well as the large flow of employees and guests of various companies in this building. We know that business people are always busy and their schedule is written literally every minute, but the desire and need for beautiful flowers and plants is crazy, because our homes and loved ones deserve the best. Therefore, now we have become closer!

On the way to a cup of morning coffee or after difficult negotiations, stop for 5 minutes in our space of beauty, harmony and peace.

Seasonal local flowers, gift and interior bouquets, gifts, self-made ceramics, candles - all this gives a feeling of lightness and returns to the moment, because life is beautiful, even on the most stressful working days!

We are waiting for you from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 9 pm.
Our phone: +38 067 579 3939.
Address: str. Bolsunlvska, 13-15