The most popular spring flowers


With the arrival of spring, more and more women can be seen on the street with flowers. And all because as soon as winter ends, seasonal flowers begin to appear. People have more energy and want to surround themselves with beautiful bouquets of primrose flowers. Men notice this and do not miss the opportunity to please their soulmate. They give bouquets in which seasonal plants are the basis of the flower arrangement.

Popular flowers for spring bouquets

In spring, a large number of flowers bloom. At a cost they are affordable to everyone, and the compositions from them are bright and beautiful. Spring flowers in a bouquet add tenderness and warmth. Despite the wide variety, such plants as are especially popular:

  1. Tulips. They symbolize the arrival of spring. Sold in a wide variety of shades and collected in lush and colorful bouquets.
  2. Snowdrops. Flowers for true romantics. They are considered the first spring flowers, and therefore always give positive emotions.
  3. Daffodils. Beautiful flowers that you can give to friends and family.
  4. Irises. They make light and elegant bouquets that can be given to creative and extraordinary personalities.
  5. Peonies. Delicate and elegant plants that make chic and airy bouquets.
  6. Ranunculus. In appearance, they resemble loose roses. Choosing a bouquet of these flowers is considered a sign of good taste.

You can choose spring bouquets from a large assortment for any spring holiday. From them, both modest and attractive compositions are obtained that can give a special mood. Primroses look good in mono-bouquets or mixed compositions.


For many, tulips remain the most beloved spring flowers. These are popular flowers for bouquets, which are often given on March 8, Easter or Birthday. They can be described as an elegant and delicate flower. Not a single flower can boast such a wide variety of shades:

  • red;
  • yellow;
  • white;
  • purple;
  • purple;
  • orange;
  • blue.

This allows florists to make colorful and bright compositions from them that immediately cheer up. On sale you can even find varieties of tulips, the buds of which are painted in different shades. With a strong desire, you can find flowers in which the border of the petals and their back have different colors.

Tulips have the ability to grow even after they are cut. Therefore, experienced florists always place them a little lower in the bouquet. When a person gives a bouquet, tulips will have time to rise and show the beauty of their buds.


Peonies have large marshmallow buds, which often become the decoration of wedding bouquets. In the spring, they are especially relevant, because during this period they bloom in all their glory and intoxicate with their sweet aroma. These are the most beautiful flowers for a lush bouquet. They are perfectly combined in composition with roses and are in no way inferior to them in beauty. They make up airy bouquets together with eustoma and alstroemeria.

Huge multi-layer peony buds have a rich color palette. They can easily be matched with a wedding dress or color schemes in the interior. Basically, these are light and pastel shades that allow you to create delicate and romantic bouquets.

Peonies came to us from China many years ago. Today, these flowers are an integral part of floristry. After all, attractive compositions are created from them, from which it is difficult to look away.


In appearance, ranunculus are similar to roses. Therefore, for many, these are the most popular flowers for bouquets. These are both modest and refined flowers that have:

  • juicy and strong stem;
  • hemispherical buds;
  • terry and curved petals.

Due to its versatile and attractive appearance, ranunculus bouquets can be given as a gift, as well as flower arrangements from them can be used to decorate interiors and ceremonial halls. For young girls, it is customary to give bouquets with buds of various shades. These plants go well with terry tulips. A suitable option for a business partner or boss is a bouquet of ranunculus in combination with anthurium. Boutonnieres and bridal bouquets are often made from ranunculi.

Varied arrangement of spring bouquets

It is always a pleasure to receive a beautiful spring bouquet made by an experienced florist. Such compositions are distinguished by an original idea and a special style. Thanks to a large selection of primroses, professionals create beautiful bouquets of spring flowers, which are primarily distinguished by bright colors and a wide variety of shapes.

Optionally, you can choose flowers in a hat box, which are compact and unusual compositions where various plants and sophisticated decor are correctly combined.

What spring bouquets are the most unusual and beautiful?

Due to the large number of different varieties, almost all flowers allow you to create beautiful and unusual bouquets from them. At the same time, it is important to choose compositions not from ordinary sellers, but from professional florists who are able to create an irresistible composition even from ordinary tulips or daffodils.

Where to find spring bouquets in baskets?

Floristic studio LoraShen makes bouquets for every taste. We can find compositions in hat boxes and baskets. We offer to purchase ready-made compositions in baskets or place a purchase to order. On an individual order, we will produce an original composition, when creating which we will take into account all the wishes of the customer.

What spring flowers look best in a bouquet?

Pay attention to peonies and ranunculus. Thanks to the lush and airy buds, luxurious compositions are obtained from them. However, simple tulips should not be excluded. Thanks to a wide variety of shades, florists have learned to create charming mixes from them. If the bouquets are created by experienced florists, then any flower in the bouquet can become the central decoration of the entire composition.