Earth Manifesto! Our stand at Ukrainian Fashion Week


The earth loves us with unconditional love, like a mother loves her child. She gives us all of herself to the deepest layers, not sparing a single drop. She shares with us air, earth, water and fire, treasures of precious metals and stones, forest reserves, a variety of flora and fauna.

And we, mankind, like negligent children, demand from Her again, more and more, incinerating, exhausting, polluting Her, without giving anything in return. And now - She, like a mother who has seen the light, rebels, protests against such a mocking treatment in response to her Love!

The day has come to hear Her!

We at LoraShen implore you to pay attention to the suffering of our Earth and reciprocate Her love!

This season we are saying no to plastic and silicone artificial flowers.

We say yes to dried flowers and living plants. We sing a song to the natural virgin beauty of nature. Its purity and fragility. Her natural shades. Her unbridled beauty. In every petal, in every flower, in every detail of our installation for Ukrainian Fashion Week, there are gentle hugs meant for Mother Earth!