How to care for flowers in a hatbox?


You won't surprise anyone with exotic flowers. Therefore, florists use various other methods to surprise customers. One such way is to use a hat box as a packaging. This is a worthy alternative to craft paper and rustling wrapping. Thanks to its shape and aesthetic appearance, the hat box gives the entire flower arrangement elegance and a higher status. With their help, premium-class bouquets are obtained, which in themselves are a self-sufficient gift. In general, such a flower arrangement looks cute and sophisticated, which makes the buyer pay attention to them when choosing.

Many may have a question about how to care for flowers in a box, since at first glance it is not clear how flowers can stand in them without being in a vase of water. However, knowing the design features of the hat box, it becomes quite obvious and understandable how they are there and retain their freshness.

Bouquet in a hatbox - what is it?

The flowers that are in the hat box are an original bouquet, which is often chosen as an elite gift. The whole flower arrangement looks unusual and very attractive, which makes it popular among buyers. The hatbox itself replaces a vase in which the plants fit beautifully. Flowers in a hat box fit snugly together, forming a clear shape.

The hat box can be made in various shapes:

  • round;
  • square;
  • rectangular;
  • in the form of a heart;
  • other original configuration.

A hat box can be matched to the shade of flower buds, which will allow you to merge with them in the same mood. Or, on the contrary, you can choose a contrasting color and make the flower arrangement expressive. The sophistication of the hatbox will emphasize the beauty of flowers and open their attractiveness from a completely different perspective.

How is a bouquet arranged in a hat box?

The hat box has a special design. It is made in such a way that the plants are in a special sponge that contains moisture. Flowers in a sponge constantly have access to water and all nutrients. The sponge must be kept constantly moistened so that it contains moisture that will be transferred to the stems of plants. The plants themselves will take from the sponge as much moisture as they need for normal life. In this case, it becomes clear how to water the flowers in the box. To do this, it is enough to moisten the sponge in a timely manner.

If placed in a vase, the flowers are immersed directly in water, then in a hatbox the stems come into contact with a damp sponge. This design feature allows:

  • do not worry about the condition of the flowers;
  • convenient to water the plants;
  • transport flowers over a long distance without any problems.

The buyer can purchase flowers and hand them to the addressee without worrying that he will not have a special vessel for storing flowers. After all, flowers can be left there for a long time. Being in it, the flowers will retain their original appearance, freshness and attractive aroma for a long time. Thus, the hat box becomes the best gift to present at work or in any other place where it is not possible to quickly find a suitable container for flowers.

Rules for caring for a bouquet in a hatbox?

I know the rules for caring for flowers in a hat box, you can extend their freshness and original appearance for a long time. In order for the flowers to stand as long as possible, the following recommendations must be followed:

  1. Every day you need to change the water. How to water flowers in a box in this case? To do this, use a regular watering can. Pour the sponge over and leave for one hour to drain excess moisture from it. Then return it to the hat box. The design of the hat box is made in such a way that when removing the sponge, the flowers themselves can remain intact.
  2. Flowers can be watered from above with a spray bottle. You can also moisten the leaves by wiping them with a damp cloth from dust. Dried leaves must be removed.
  3. Flowers in a hatbox should not be exposed to direct sunlight. The flower arrangement is best placed in a cool place where there are no drafts.
  4. To prolong the freshness of flowers, they can be watered with special solutions.

The use of a hatbox is convenient because it excludes the possibility of reproduction of pathogenic microflora. Thanks to its external decorative appearance, such a gift looks original. Any person will gladly accept this present from you and will use the hatbox in the future, because after the flowers wither, it can be used for other flowers.

What can not be done with flowers in a box?

Since most flowers are afraid of drafts, heat sources and direct sunlight, the hatbox should not be placed in places where flowers can be exposed to negative external factors.

When the flowers are in a hat box, they should not be removed from there. There is also no need to cut the stems so that the plants do not quickly lose their vitality. Spraying flowers in a hat box is careful so that water does not get inside the buds and does not lead to their decay. No need to throw away the hatbox after the flowers have wilted in it. Its design is arranged in such a way that it can be used a large number of times. So save the box and use it the next time you get a regular bouquet of flowers.

What flowers are suitable for bouquets in hatboxes opinion of florists "LoraShen"

Not all flowers can look attractive in a hat box. Some of them cannot be folded in a hatbox due to their insufficient height and ability to fit snugly together.

The best option for creating a flower arrangement with a hat box are roses. Regardless of the variety and color of the buds, these plants look very presentable with a hat box. Along with roses in a hatbox, peonies and tulips also look good. They are suitable in that they can be tightly placed in a hat box to each other. Also suitable for placement in a hat box are flowers such as:

In the floristic salon "LoraShen" florists work, who have long gone beyond the usual preparation of bouquets. They offer original compositions with hat boxes, which are created on the basis of the author's idea.