Collection of ceramic vases

Vases have existed for as many centuries as humanity itself. This graceful vessel made of clay, ceramics, glass or metal from time immemorial served as a place for storing flowers, essential oils, plant branches, and sometimes became the main element of decor in palaces, houses, castles.
We, at LoraShen, are looking for the perfect shape for a shower of different colors.
Our ceramic workshop in Kiev creates original vase collections inspired by nature, the ocean, the history of mankind, and the Ukrainian ethnic group. In the selections, you will find authentic and modern vase shapes in a wide variety of shades.
We are sure that everyone will be able to choose their own unique vase from us!

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Ceramic collection Hetmans’ka

Blue sky and wheat fields. The Milky Way among the stars and blooming gardens near ...
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Collection of vases "Mary's Garden: based on the paintings of Maria Prymachenko

The Mary's Garden by LoraShen collection of ceramic vases, inspired by the work of Maria ...
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Collection of Nordic Ivy ceramics

LoraShen & Katja Karling present the Nordic Ivy ceramic collection.
Not copying nature, but being ...
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Collection of vases "Lunar spiral"

Birth of Venus. The image of the universe. Sunrise and sunset. Musical instruments symbol. And ...
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Collection of vases Botanical Touch

Textured large leaves, tightly woven together, became the basis of the Botanical Touch vase collection. ...
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Collection of vases SPIRIT

The spirit of flowers demands perfect shape.
Our authentic glechyk and gorchshyk from the SPIRIT ...
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Collection of ceramic vases "Heart"

Flowers sprout through the heart...
The red line was this idea for the collection of ...
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Collection of Japanese Signature vases

Laconic geometry combined with shades as close as possible to nature - that's how we ...
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Under a beautiful bouquet of flowers, you always need to pick up an attractive vase. Do not put flowers in a glass jar or a simple jug. After all, a careless attitude to the selection of a vessel for flowers will significantly reduce the effect of the beauty of the bouquet. On the other hand, the use of a beautiful vase, which is made by a real master, will emphasize the beauty of the presented bouquet. Ceramic vases are considered a suitable option, which are made in various shapes and with clear detailing of small elements.

Exclusive vases for the interior

Exclusive vases that have nothing to do with ordinary market products are very popular today. As a rule, these are handmade products that are created on the basis of a creative idea.

Making vases by a master allows you to create unique and exclusive models in limited quantities. In some cases, they are created in a single copy. Ceramic is often used as a material. It is a very easy to manufacture and practical material that resists moisture well and has sufficient strength to withstand small mechanical shocks.

The presence of an exclusive vase in the interior will allow:

  • put in them elite and author's bouquets of flowers in a vessel corresponding in beauty;
  • decorate the design of the room;
  • create new accents in the room.

A handmade ceramic vase can be used not only for storing flowers, but also as an independent decorative element. It will look good in stylish interiors, as well as in a restaurant, boutique or other public places.

Making vases to order from LoraShen

Modern vases have an original appearance. If you really want to find exclusive products, then you should pay attention to the products from the catalog of our website. There you will find author's models for bouquets of various sizes.

For customers, we offer exclusive vases for the interior in several collections at once:

  • lunar spiral;
  • Spirit;
  • Nordic Ivy.

Vases from each collection are distinguished by their characteristics. We recommend that you study each collection and decide for yourself which products are best for you. You can choose from our tabletop or floor models in a variety of colors. If you appreciate original things, then you will definitely find in our catalog a standing vase that is best suited for the bouquets of flowers presented to you. It will become the centerpiece of your home interior.

📲 How to order a vase?

To place an order, you can fill out an online form on the website or call our manager. By phone, you can not only place an order, but also consult with our employee on choosing the best vase or other questions.

How to choose a ceramic vase design?

To choose a vase with a successful design, you must first be guided by your preferences. You also need to pay attention to the interior of the room where the vase will stand. After all, it is important that the products fit the overall style of the interior both in appearance and in color. If you choose a vase for a gift, then give preference to universal models that are well suited to any style in the interior.

How are ceramic vases made to order?

The manufacture of vases is carried out by a master who is able to create products of any shape from ceramics. All vases from our collections were created on the basis of the author's idea. If you want to purchase a vase to order, you can express your thoughts and the master will make an exclusive model for you, taking into account all your wishes.