Collection of ceramic vases

Vases have existed for as many centuries as humanity itself. This graceful vessel made of clay, ceramics, glass or metal from time immemorial served as a place for storing flowers, essential oils, plant branches, and sometimes became the main element of decor in palaces, houses, castles.
We, at LoraShen, are looking for the perfect shape for a shower of different colors.
Our ceramic workshop in Kiev creates original vase collections inspired by nature, the ocean, the history of mankind, and the Ukrainian ethnic group. In the selections, you will find authentic and modern vase shapes in a wide variety of shades.
We are sure that everyone will be able to choose their own unique vase from us!

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Collection of vases "Lunar spiral"

Birth of Venus. The image of the universe. Sunrise and sunset. Musical instruments symbol. And ...
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Collection of vases SPIRIT

The spirit of flowers demands perfect shape.
Our authentic glechyk and gorchshyk from the SPIRIT ...
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Коллекция керамики Nordic Ivy

LoraShen & Katja Karling представляет коллекцию керамики Nordic Ivy.
Не копируя природу, а вдохновляясь ею! ...
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