Women's birthdays decoration

Your or your closed one’s birthday is an occasion to add some beauty, sentiments and creativity to your life. No matter, whether you want a chamber party or a birthday shindig, the LoraShen team is equally scrupulous and conceptual about every decor.
LoraShen’s production and creative base makes it possible for us to create festive décor not only with flowers, but also with other objects, balloons, design unique photo zones, art and light installations. We guarantee that our team will render the most advantageous décor for any space that will please your eyes and wow your guests!

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День рождения «Изящный цветочный полет»

Как же это волшебно, когда праздник окутан волшебными атмосферой и ароматами цветов. Невозможно не прикоснуться ...
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Оформление Дня Рождения в сицилийском стиле

Сочные деревья лимонов и олив, сицилийская керамика и скатерти с расписным принтом, разработанные специально нашими ...
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День рождения дочери в стиле "Алиса в Зазеркалье"

История "Алиса в Зазеркалье" - неисчерпаемый источник вдохновения для декораторов. Яркая и красочная сказка с ...
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Burlesque Birthday Party Theme

Burlesque can be soft and very genteel. We took a fresh sophisticated look at the ...
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50 Shades of Wine

Flowers set the style for the event, its mood and atmosphere.
Juicy. Savory. Flavorous.
This ...
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Art Nouveau Birthday Décor at the Fairmont Hotel

To touch the soul of a person, bring out its unrivaled elegance, see the light ...
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Festive Birthday Lunch

Feels like flowers exist to complement the light and relaxed atmosphere of family lunches and ...
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Butterflies In the Stomach Birthday Décor

Each year of a person’s life is full of different events: good, exciting, motivating, sometimes ...
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Indian Themed Birthday Décor

When it comes to an unusual and out-of-the-box birthday party, there are no limits for ...
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Ode to Refined Female Beauty Birthday Décor

Every woman is a real jewel, and flowers are a wonderful setting for her beauty. ...
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Woman's Birthdat Décor at a Restaurant

You can give a bouquet to a woman for her birthday, or you can have ...
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Women's Birthday Decor at the Intercontinental Hotel

When we need to add some bright colours to the celebration, we create contrasts – ...
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Norwegian Birthday Décor

When summer is in full swing and the soul longs for Norwegian coolness.
What shall ...
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День рождения в итальянском стиле

Красота природы + колорит + любовь = это и есть Италия!
Три составляющих, заставляющих нас ...
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