"Happiness In An Envelope" Floral Arrangement

"Happiness In An Envelope" Floral Arrangement

Studio LoraShen, Kyiv, Lobanovskogo Avenue, 119/2
800.00 грн
Workshop on creating a floral arrangement in a decorative cache-pot envelope

We restore our good tradition to write letters.

But our letters are written with fresh flowers and packed into beautiful envelopes. We are happy to invite you to our floristic workshop to learn a new craft and to simply have some fun in our studio filled with good vibes.

Our floral expert will be happy to share with you: how to work with special floristic material and tools; how to handle fresh cut flowers; how to skilfully arrange fresh flowers in a desired manner and size; how to mix living material and decor.

You will also be able to enjoy delicious treats, have photos from the event and good mood!

The workshop duration: 2 hours.
Pre-registration is required.
Looking forward to seeing you!

* The administration reserves the right to cancel the workshop if the number of participants is less than 3. Each registered person will be notified in advance.