Book "The Woman Who Has a Plan" May Musk
Book "The Woman Who Has a Plan" May Musk

Book "The Woman Who Has a Plan" May Musk

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May Musk is seventy-one years old and a supermodel. A charming, successful, truly happy woman who is ready to share her knowledge and experience with everyone. Yes, her life was not a continuous straight white stripe, she went through a divorce, and at 31 she became a single mother with many children, she knows firsthand what it means to count every penny and sometimes not be counted, but she was distinguished from many by the fact that Mei I tried never to give up.Perseverance, constant work, attempts to seriously combat the standards of female beauty, playing the main female role - raising children - all this is also about her. In her children, she mainly encouraged independence and ambition, taught them not to be afraid of the future, as she herself learned to draw up a clear plan of action, to be aware of where and why they are going and what they want to get in the end.In his book, the author will also share very important, purely feminine advice: about maintaining health, prolonging natural beauty, give style lessons and tell you how to be a good mother and not say goodbye to your career, and most importantly, talk about accepting yourself, that life good and open to new things at any age.


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