Book "NOT SY" by Jen Cinsero
Book "NOT SY" by Jen Cinsero

Book "NOT SY" by Jen Cinsero

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One of the most popular self-help books that has helped many people change their lives. With inspiring stories, advice from sages and simple exercises, author Jen Cinsero can help you create the life you aspire to.The author invites you on a somewhat wild yet joyful journey towards your own transformation, helping you create your own sustainable path to finance, relationships, career, and generally fully develop the life you want so much. Before you finish reading this book to the end, you will understand why you are who you are, how to love what you cannot change, how to change what you don’t love, and how to use the Force to cope with all your problems.
Jen Cinsero was convinced from her own experience that it is not easy to start changing your life, but the result is worth it. If you mix together self-confidence, audacity, self-irony and humor, then you can come to the life you dream about.


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