Book "I want and will be" Mikhail Labkovsky
Book "I want and will be" Mikhail Labkovsky

Book "I want and will be" Mikhail Labkovsky

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Psychologist Mikhail Labkovsky is absolutely sure that a person can and has the right to be happy and do only what he wants. His book is about how to understand yourself, find harmony and learn to enjoy life.
The author examines the reasons that impede a mentally healthy lifestyle: where do we come from conscious and unconscious anxieties, fears, inability to listen to ourselves and build relationships with other people? A distinctive feature of Labkovsky's approach is concrete. He always gives an extremely intelligible answer to any of the most difficult questions. His statements and advice are so radical that many are surprised, if not shocked, at first.In the recommendations, the author does not hide behind streamlined wording, but clearly names the causes of the problems. And most importantly, he knows how to solve this problem - without delving into childhood traumas and a close analysis of your past. If a person has knowledge and desire, then it is quite possible to change himself and his life for the better. The goal of any work of a psychologist is the personal happiness and well-being of his patient. The purpose of publishing this book is the personal happiness of everyone who reads it.


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